Evolution Studios Made The Right Choice Delaying DriveClub

Evolution Studios made a gutsy move delaying DriveClub last year despite the reaction and backlash from racing fans, but with their recent updates and announcements for the socially interactive game, the studios gamble may just pay off in the end.

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ginalee5541498d ago

Not really in to the fact that Driveclub is being advertised as a racing game even though its not really about coming actually winning the race.

Racing games are all about skill at the end of the day and though its great to reward drifters with achievements i there should be some special section for people who can actually win races.

janetmarrett111498d ago

I did consider that too, but figured they are trying something new. Not every one is an expert racer, this should give them access to being able to compete socially at least.

amiga-man1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Seeing the vast improvements they have made to the game it was absolutely the right decision,

I applaud them for not releasing something they were not happy with and giving PS4 owners the game they deserve

Well played Evolution well played.

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Army_of_Darkness1498d ago

If they actually did release drive club on launch day do you know how much fail that would be?! Graphics were terrible and only at 30fps too and Gameplay wasn't impressive either.. It would have gotten butchered by the media as well as gamers... So yes, they made a damn great choice to delay it cause it has truly come a long way and is looking very good now.

Kayant1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

"Not really in to the fact that Driveclub is being advertised as a racing game even though its not really about coming actually winning the race." - WTH are you on about??? You get rewarded for doing both. You don't just get points for doing challenges like having the best drift an x corner. Winning is still going to be important.

EdnaJones971498d ago

Like anything new thaw never been done before people get all antsy and wonder if it will be any good. I actually like the way Evo are marketing this as just beyond winning races. It opens it up to other people interested in the genre.

ginalee5541498d ago

I get the whole idea winning both, but lets face it. actually winning a race should be the ultimate prize in a racing game. I mean imagine real life racing, where every one is put on the same peddle stool just because some one raced the fast track, or some drifted the longest.

Winning should be the penultimate prize is what i am saying.

Kayant1498d ago


"Winning should be the penultimate prize is what i am saying." - How do you know it isn't? iirc there isn't anything showing that this is not true. For all you know winning is needed to unlock cars. We don't know to the full extend how rewards are done.

Kurisu1498d ago

I'm glad you cleared that up because for a moment there I thought that above comment was true :/

extravalue1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )


peddle stool lol

tlougotg1498d ago

yeah idk wtf hes talking about! It still is a racing game, one that is trying to be even more realistic adding social features. May not really be a sim but its definitely a racing game.

As for the delay, yes it was good they delayed it because the game has made a complete 180 from the state it was before and now is close to reveal trailers. However that is kind of a catch 22 because Sony messed up by promising us this game at launch and many were hype about it so they screwed us over and let us down, either way im glad they polished it up.

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amyortega1311498d ago

You must be good at racing games then. Not everyone is, Evo are aware of this and trying to facilitate people who may good at other things.

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system221498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

you're not alone. personally as a sim racing fan, i want to be interested in DC as there aren't any "good" racing games on the ps4, but its just shallow to me and doesn't touch on the areas of the sport that actually make it strategic and competitive. they spent all this effort making sure that light reacts properly on all these surfaces realistically, made streaking rain drops look realistic etc but didn't bother to make the physics of driving as realistic, or the ability to tune your car for certain tracks/setups or even the ability to customize your cars... on top of what you mentioned. it looks really pretty but at the end of the day its just another PGR with slightly different goals and a fresh coat of paint. i'll pass. hopefully project cars will be the first proper racer on the ps4 that will satisfy actual enthusiasts of the sport and not just fanboys who only care about ps4 graphics.

iceman061498d ago

"as a sim racing fan".....then this OBVIOUSLY shouldn't be your game. This isn't supposed to or never was supposed to be a sim. It has been billed, from the beginning, as an arcade racer with "slightly more realistic" handling. It's more like every other racer and less like GT, Forza, and Project Cars. Those are (and will probably be) great games. But, there has to be something to satisfy the middle ground. Those of us that don't necessarily like the total and complete realism of sim racing games.

cbuc11251498d ago

I will be playing in a club of Then after my first playthrough i will play in a full club. Problem solved.

EverydayGuy1497d ago

I think it is about winning and scoring the most points. The point system will act like a bonus points. I think each course have different sections that will make you do different things inside those sections. Winning just by being first will not count unless you have the points as a padding for you to safely keep first place.

I think this is kind of genius for team play, since the race is dynamic enough where you need each player with certain strength to be on your team to compete to win.

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danniellelewis1498d ago

I am waiting patently to play this, but looking forward to solo modes more than anything else. The multiplayer aspect is a bit worrisome.

brettjones4941498d ago

Whats worrying about it dude? Unless you don't like playing others online. I relish the challenge. Even if I don't win at one thing i think its great to rank on the boards for something else. jet my two cents.

charliewong9801498d ago

Its so funny how my friends were going crazy after hearing Driveclub was delayed along with Watch-Dogs, difference is it looks like the guys at Evolution actually went and did real work on their game while Ubisoft undid most of the great things to dazzle us during their E3 promo.

lisamorgan41498d ago

i hope their gamble pays off. I know it certainly didn't for watch-dogs

henrythomas2841498d ago

and whose to say it didn't? Lats time I read Ubi sold over 4 million copies of watch dogs, sounds like a pretty good pay day to me.

edwardhuff6631498d ago

Now compare that to destiny's 500 million sales in one day.

Not only that, just because Watchdogs sold well doesn't mean part two might.

WeAreLegion1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

That's $500 Million, not 500 million copies. That would be insane.

Edit: Yes, they were. I imagine that was physical and digital combined though. We'll get physical numbers next week.

Frankskint1498d ago


Damn Thats still a heck of a lot of units. was pre-orders part of that calculation too?

iceman061498d ago

Not to mention that none of us played the game before it got delayed. Just could have actually been a WORSE game! (not that I think it was as horrible as the rest)

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uth111498d ago

That's 500 million dollars, not copies.

Anyway, just because Destiny outsold it, doesn't make Watch Dogs a commercial failure by any means.

Rik_Mayall1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

When Driveclub was first shown it looked pretty awesome and the concept was cool...

...Then it was delayed and ever since all they have focused on talking about is graphics, graphics, graphics. The ratio of graphics to gameplay quotes and articles are shocking.

Not to mention things are still behind and going to be patched in after release like weather?!?

alvinmiller921498d ago

A free new car each month sounds like a good trade off for making us wait for so long.

Oschino19071498d ago

They stated their biggest concern and reason for delay was the online/social aspects not being where they wanted them to be.

Obviously all the employees can't be working on the online/social part of the game so they were staying busy polishing and tweaking everything else.

Almost every dev team has to deal with restrictions from time constraints or budget. Ask any and most would say they would prefer to have more time, especially when the publisher is one of the bigger ones.

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