No Man's Sky: How Big is Too Big?

"Hello Games debuted No Man's Sky at the Spike VGX Awards 2013. It's hilarious when one looks back on it, primarily because the VGX was an utter cringe-fest and also because of the game's subsequent impact. We didn't know it at first but No Man's Sky would slowly ramp up its scale until it was re-revealed at Sony's E3 presser and confirmed for the PS4 (along with PC). The absence in between wasn't due to any confusion or re-working of the core concept - on the contrary, Hello Games suffered from flash floods destroying the majority of its office, forcing a relocation and subsequent rallying of development."

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DigitalRaptor1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

If the technology is there let them try it. It's not like anyone else is. The execution is crucial, but if no one tries we'll not find out.

Besides, the whole premise of No Man's Sky is universe exploration. If it wasn't universe-sized, what would be the point and where would discovery find itself, but with borders? And discovery will never have borders in our own universe. We'll never, ever discover even half of what this game is proposed to offer and I think that's the beauty of it.

Zenith4k1500d ago

Wanted to say the same thing but your wording is more poetic, the idea of every gamer having a different experience than the next person arouses my curiosity. Looking forward to this because I have been wondering about the universe since I was a child!!

mysteryraz111500d ago

its a pretty game love the artstyle

ps4fanboy1500d ago

That's the appeal(size) , if all is true and sticks to the hype train, this could be mind blowing(the planets need true diversity, and fresh on planet challenges , they need to be as large as the games planet numbers) or else ppl will loose interest around twenty billion planets explored.
maybe in twenty thousand years or more, someone could still be playing this game.... Wow.

Though by then ppl will be perusing the real cosmos both virtual and realistically.

medman1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I'm really looking forward to this game...I'm primarily a single player gamer, mostly because I like to take my time and explore every aspect and corner of the environments in games without rushing through to get to the next objective/kill that you experience when playing with others online. A universe to explore? I'm in. My biggest problem may be getting stuck on a gorgeous planet, exploring the forests, jungles, rivers, and oceans of a actual world as large as a real planet, never wanting to could literally spend years, maybe decades exploring just a single planet if you were trying to see everything. I can imagine my anticipation will be quite high when flying over a mountain wondering what I may see across the horizon, or when first plunging into a deep ocean, awaiting the vast variety of creatures to experience. How is that not exciting and incredible?!?!?!!! That is what I call value for dollars spent!!!!