Destiny Review Impressions - Part One | Feeling Good

Dealspwn: "Bungie basically laughed in the face of conventional review-making earlier this week, surfing into town on a swagalicious wave of money and hype. So, given that conventional reviews are sort of out of the window for this action-RPG-FPS-MMO hybrid, we thought we'd bring you a running commentary of our impressions and critical thoughts over the next few days by way of a daily vidcast."

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RyanShutup1497d ago

Good first impressions. I'd pretty much agree with all the criticisms presented, but like these guys said.. at the end of the day it's just an fun and addictive game. Hope Bungie can tie down some of the loose ends but overall the experience is very enjoyable, which is what good games should be.

On that note, I think this "destiny review" process is one of the most healthy things that's happened to the industry in a long time. It's forcing people to abandon numerical scores and instead give legitimate impressions of a game. Scores should be done away with in exchange for opinions and honest discussions about pros/cons.