Editorial: In-Game Movies - A Line to be Drawn?

Loot Ninja writes:

"So with any luck you've all been able to play a bit of MGS4. And those of you who have played more than a couple of hours have witnessed the amazingly detailed (and lengthy) cutscenes that make up most of the storytelling. As I played through the first few hours I couldn't help but wonder (as I'm sure most of you have) if I've payed for a game - or a really expensive movie with interactive moments. I hope it's the former because sixty bucks is a lot for a movie - and games for that matter. It's not a new thing really - Japanese RPGs have been doing it for years. I'm sure many of you fondly remember the cutscenes in Square Enix's mega-hit Final Fantasy VII. But where is the whole thing going? How many franchises will follow the example set by games such as MGS4? And should they?"

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PoSTedUP3864d ago

but.. who dosnt want to watch the awesome/interesting cut scenes?

get your popcorn and your drink and enjoy the pure art mr. kojima has made for you. : )

fiercescuba3864d ago

MGS4 has a nice blend of movies and action. Finding that happy medium lies with the gamer and not the developer. What may be too much for you may be just the right amount for me.

pharmd3864d ago

exactly, if you like it, buy it.... if you think its gay.. dont buy it!!!!

ScentlessApprentice73864d ago

Except I would have added a little bit more to it:

exactly, if you like it, buy it.... if you think its gay.. don't buy it, and STFU and stop hating on it just because its a PS3 jewel.

BulletToothtony3864d ago

Because everyone in here and in the playstation forums seems to love the game, and yes that obviously includes the cutscenes as well...

I mean just look at those cutscenes... they're amazing.. look at that fight between Raiden and Vamp that's epic.

don't tell me those cutscenes are boring cause that's pure bull

aceitman3864d ago

if you think you dont like the cutscenes then skip it its not like you cant and your forced to watch it its telling a story just like the other metal gears did just a lot better than the other ones and for all the cutscenes 90 min worth you have 16hours and 45min of game play is it worth it yes 40$ for single player mode 10$ for online and 10$ for a movie (cutscenes) just like a movie so stop your biching about cutscenes and skip and play or enjoy a story of one of the best video games in history metal gear solid 4 sons of the patriots

jadenkorri3864d ago

first all, a video game is a movie that you interact with, hense why they are called "VIDEO" game...And cut scenes in FF7 were not that bad, gameplay had way more than cutscenes... I can't speak for MGS4, i did buy limited edition, its still sealed, playing MGS1, 2 and 3 first then ill open MGS4

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Condoleezza Rice3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

After Hideo Kojimas masterpiece,I think all game developers should implement good length Cut Scenes in their games to substitute for the normal Cheesy half a minute Cut scenes that focus more on the Graphical Detail on the Characters rather than telling the ACTUAL story.

Chris Bosh3864d ago

I feel like cutscenes is the future.
Who doesnt like a game and a movie.
Its 2 in 1.
All for a reasonable price of $60!!!!!

Ludwig3864d ago

The only real problem with in-game movies/movie-like driven games is that many young gamers lack culture in the movie/book sections and are "game fans" .. so they may keep paying for low-budget-like movies in game's clothing by lack of culture.

It's just a possibility.

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