EA has no plans to adopt Early Access game development model

GameZone: "With more and more developers and publishers adopting the early access development model, it's interesting to hear that Electronic Arts has no plans to offer such with its games. Sure, you'll have traditional beta periods for upcoming games, but right now EA is "not close to anything" regarding early access, according to CEO Andrew Wilson."

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mhunterjr1589d ago

Good, there's no reason a company with EA's resources should be relying on customers to front development costs.

brbobcat1589d ago

Wait, Battlefield 4 wasn't early access when it released?

SnakeCQC1588d ago

LOL I was going to write that same comment

carlingtat1588d ago

I'll believe that when I see it.....or wont see it.

Razputin1588d ago

"EA has no plans to adopt Early Access game development model", because it has already been implemented.

Sir_Simba1588d ago

they already practice the model they dont need to re-adopt again

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