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aCasualGamer1498d ago

Great? Really?

The visuals look crap to me. Hope this is only pre-alpha.

Like the fact that it's more horror focused, but the main characters and enemy design are awful.

This isn't a "great" first sign from Capcom that Resident Evil is back in my opinion. This is more of a "ugh.. they want another RE game?! ok.. here is $10k.. see what you can do"

ABizzel11498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

It doesn't look like crap, but it's definitely not a next-gen Resident Evil. I agree something is off with the overall look, it's like a awkward mix of a PS360 game, with some next-gen textures thrown in (maybe it's the filter).

Graphically I would have thought this was a Wii U game, but it's an episodic series, so it's more than likely a PSN / XBL game which is more understandable on the graphics side, since it's easier to get games out each month if you don't have to worry about high-end graphics.

Speaking of Wii U, I don't understand why this isn't coming to it when it's coming to PC / PS4 / XBO / PS3 / 360. Resident Evil does well in Japan, and the first game sold awful on Wii U with just 100k sales total, but the 360 & PS3 version only hit 200k and 600k copies with their 80m install base.

Conzul1498d ago

Yeah these graphics so far aren't impressive. Maybe it's from being spoiled by TLOU or Destiny, but I'm just not hyped for this one.

gamer4lifeyo1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

That's what I thought I saw the graphics. Nothing special at all. They fucked up this series so bad. It went terrible after RE4. They need to bring the old zombies back

on_line_forever1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

i agree with you . the main characters design , the stupid zombies with knives and pipe , the cop cop, all this things will make the game looks like crap .

damn you crapcom

even claire face i don't like it .

Austin481498d ago

There is always a hater quit ruining what other people like troll.

aCasualGamer1498d ago


Yeah, they have really messed up Resident Evil. They have no passion for this series anymore and it shows. They just wanna milk this cow until it dies a horrible death and it's sad in my opinion. This series and us fans deserve better quality, our support and the series itself has given so much to Capcom and is largely responsible for the company's success.


Agree to disagree, but i find these visuals to be crap. We're closing in on 2015 and those visuals are just awful. Be it as it may, that this is an episodic take on RE series, that doesn't justify those visuals from a company that has Panta Rhei engine in their arsenal. It may be that they're not funding this title enough... which is also sad.

..makes me wonder if another, perhaps bigger, RE title is in the works?

...One can only hope.

dreamed1497d ago

Exactaly...i'll belive it when i see the full game,which if the track records anything to go by will be another generic cod wannabe!!!

The games industry lost its way years ago and imo needs another crash to get rid of the overbloated AAA,everything needs to appeal to everyone,homogenation that is the AAA games industry.

Would be good to see what crawls from the ashes??

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Monkeycan81498d ago

Looking really good! im loving the first game so far.

Bansai1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

No male character ? Outrageous !

It's XXI century and there's no male character ? UNACCEPTABLE!


LightofDarkness1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

You're just as much of a problem as those you mock. Crap like this just gives them ammunition and lends credence to their claims. Knock it off.

Army_of_Darkness1498d ago

His sarcasm is not the problem, it's indeed solely the cry babies he mocks.

hkgamer1498d ago

lol. resident evil series has been quite mixed with their main characters. think the only time people had a go at capcom was re5 when shooting black zombies became a big deal.

but i understand what your saying. its ridiculous how artist cannot make a choice about main characters without gamers making a fuss about it.

Biohazard88601498d ago

Looks interesting i need to play this for myself first tho.

shadow18spirit1498d ago

Can we please not have the zombies hold a gun or any kind of weapon!

HarryMasonHerpderp1498d ago

That's what i thought when i saw the picture of the monster holding a hammer. Do we really need another monster running around with a giant hammer? so uninspired and boring.

Mrmalvern1498d ago

Fans want the old school zombies back. Not sure what the deal is with Capcom and there love for weapon wielding infected...

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