Resident Evil Revelations 2 is an episodic game with new episodes rolling out each week

Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be an episodic game, Capcom has revealed, with new episodes set to roll out each week following its debut in early 2015.

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-Foxtrot1502d ago

My interest has finally dropped completely

First the co-op, then Zombies which aren't Zombies, Barry being replaced with his daughter (dosen't make sense), obvious action route it's going to go with Capcom trying to make out it's horror based and now this.

I hope Evil Within does really well.

sobotz1502d ago

What's wrong with "Zombies which aren't Zombies"?
TLOU's infected are pretty much like zombies too.

-Foxtrot1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

What's wrong

Take a look at RE5 and RE6, even the first Revelations

Capcom try to add different enemies which end up looking stupid and over the top. People have been asking for Zombies again, so it feels like the old days when playing through the first RE. How they never listen is beyond me.

Now they are trying to do a Walking's hilarious. I bet you they'll try and charge us more overall then what you would pay for a full retail disc

sobotz1502d ago

RE4 isn't literally a zombies too, but it turns out the result is awesome although it takes turn to an action genre. And to be honest, I liked the first Revelations than RE5-6 combined.

I heard it's $24.99 for a full game (4 episodes) I think at least the price is reasonable.

-Foxtrot1502d ago

RE4 was different though, it was the first game to change the formula but Shinji Mikami was still around as he wrote and directed it.

With RE4 Shinki found a balance between horror and action, I feel like there could of been more horror but through feedback if he stayed on during RE5 and they stuck with their original ideas BEFORE co-op in the RE4.5 concept art with Zombies then it could of been amazing.

However what we've been left with is a crappy, ruined series where instead of doing the things fans want Capcom does the opposite and then lies to us making people think it's the RE they all know and love. In the end however it's not, just clever words to try and make us buy it.

MrSwankSinatra1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Sorry, but I strongly disagree about RE4 having a balance of horror and action, that game is more action than anything. That game was literally the reason the series became the way it is now and Shinji Mikami is to blame for it. RE4 was supposed to be the final RE game, but Shinji did not want it to end so he changed the formula towards a more actioned oriented game to appeal to a even wider audience. The game ended up becoming revolutionary, but it destroyed the franchise for being something it wasn't. The fact that people want to talk up Shinji like he would move the series more towards it's roots astounds me. We wouldn't even be having this conversation about the direction of RE if Shinji didn't destroy the series for the worse. I would rather the series had ended than to have it destroyed. Though of course people talk about how fans like me who have been with RE since the beginning having "rose tinted glasses" when they're guilty of the same crap when it comes to RE4.

Army_of_Darkness1502d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Episodic.... Well, there goes my purchase.... I'll just wait till they release the entire package when it's completely done then buy it.
This is the reason why I didn't purchase the walking dead or siren blood curse...

Come on evil within! Don't disappoint me!

@Mr. Swank ... Are you kidding me?! The chainsaw guy scared the shit out of me mainly cause he was a one hit kill and Omg... That regenerating f*cking creature in those prison cells, damn they creep the hell out of me!

NukaCola1501d ago


This. RE4 was the down fall of Resident Evil. I don't get why people don't see it. They hated RE5 but they had the same issues.

UNKLE1501d ago

Shhh dont talk like that naughty dog,last of us is a holy game/developer and everybody gonna hate you if you say something wrong about that game even if its true!

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ZombieGamerMan1502d ago

First off either you are fine with them not having zombies or you aren't and you complain that RE4 didn't have them either . You can't be like these games are bad because no zombies but this one is ok even though it has no zombies.

Secondly you have literally seen nothing of Revelations 2 to say whether it takes a more action route or not and while I'm not ok with the episodic thing mainly because it means waiting for them to be all released to get the full experience and that it might make the experience a much lesser one had it been a normal format game.

Seriously how about we wait until game footage comes out before we can say anything.

-Foxtrot1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

RE4 at the time was fine because it was the first time we wern't getting Zombies in the game. It was different, it was fresh and it wasn't as over the top compared to RE6 where things just pretty damn stupid.

"Seriously how about we wait until game footage comes out before we can say anything."

Oh here we bloody go, are we going to keep hearing this line until it's release. People said the SAME EXACT THING with RE6 and look how that turned out.

The first thing we saw was Leon and Helena in a dark house, it was creepy, it looked tense and people hoped it would get back to it's horror roots but in the end it was just Capcom trying to track us. Learn from your mistakes.

Judging from Capcoms past actions and past games we can easily judge what this game will end up like. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but I'm putting my money on it being pretty average.

The only thing people are liking about it so far is that it's Claire, she's back but a character can't save a game. I love Leon but he couldn't save RE6 could he.

ZombieGamerMan1501d ago

@ -Foxtrot well that's the thing about games something they will disappoint but other times some don't, you have literally nothing to base your assumptions on the quality of Revelations 2 and not only that but you are using double standards. You excuse RE4 for not having zombies yet here you are complaining that 4 RE games don't have zombies in them.

It's one thing if you were like you don't like the plaga type enemies that's fine but you even take issue with the Ooze which are more zombie like and are really f'ed up looking monsters andn ow that they are making a new type of enemy, The Afflicted you want to complain there not zombies. Be consistent will you, like I said wait until they release a proper demo of the game showing it off before waving the it's shit flag.

Benjammin251502d ago

If it's episodic, that means there probably won't be any continuity gameplay wise. Like if you make it to the end of an episode with hardly any ammo, your ammo will probably be reset at the start of the next episode. I'm really sick to death of Capcom at this point. All I want is an old school Survival Horror, but instead we're being given The Walking Dead.

Nerdmaster1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I also didn't like this information very much, but to be fair, you're angry about things you're just assuming. The first Revelations was also divided into episodes, and in the main episodes, which you played as Jill, you kept the number of ammo, herbs and all.

Benjammin251502d ago

Good point. I guess I never considered Resident Evil: Revelations episodic because you get the whole thing out of the box. I still don't like the whole episode thing though. You could be exploring a mansion or some other location and suddenly you get cut off because you activated a cutscene before you intended to.

paul-p19881501d ago

Only difference is you can guarantee The Walking Dead will be good, but with something made by Capcom..... don't get your hopes up! lol

Inception1502d ago

I'll wait for the disc version than. It's only 40 bucks, rather pay for $6 per episode and missed the "additional content".

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