The Sims 4 Guide: How to Make Your Sim Younger

Aging is part of life itself and as obvious, it’s part of the Sims world as well. However, it’s always disappointing to watch your favorite sim getting old and eventually die from natural causes. But don’t panic, there’s a few things that can be done to slow and/or reverse aging in The Sims 4.

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gametangents1500d ago

My wife was crying about this yesterday when her sim became old... thanks for the tips but alas, its too late for her sim lol.

valtallica1499d ago


If your sim becomes an elder you can reset him or her back to adult age by using the CTRL+SHIFT+C then type in "Setage"

"flys away*

Mkcoopers893d ago

I ❤️ you!
Thanks I had tried all the long winded stuff. 2 seconds after reading this, my Sims was good to go.