PAX 14: Nosgoth Returns to the Kain’s Legacy in PvP Combat

Lore Hound writes: "Are you a gamer that’s old enough, or interested enough in the past, to remember Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, a action-adventure title that kicked off back in 1996? In the original title, players took the role of Kain, a vampire set upon avenging his death that begins to accept and feel empowered by his new found abilities. Set in a dark fantasy setting and employing top quality writing and voice acting for the fledgling PlayStation, the title launched a critically acclaimed franchise that spanned multiple platforms and generations.

These generations aren’t simply gaming generations. There are hundreds of years in the world that was left without a hero. It’s in these times that Nosgoth, an upcoming F2P multiplayer action game from Pssyonix, is firmly nestled. Sans hero, the world of Nosgoth is torn between the armies of vampires and the ranks of humans. The humans players take hold of don’t cower in fear, they fight back with their own impressive arsenal in this multiplayer-only title."

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