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IBTimes UK | I love Destiny. It's somehow managed to bypass the cynical, suspicious-of-AAA, fed up with standard game design part of my brain and plug into a tiny, flickering synapse somewhere that still gets off on finding loot and collecting points. I don't know how it's happened – maybe it's because, on PS4, Destiny looks incredible – but this game has got to me. I can see all of it's little ploys in action, all that grubby meat and potatoes design, just trying to drag me in for one more hour, but I don't care. It's beaten me. I just want to play it.

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vishmarx1498d ago

well its much less likely to be goty now,
despite being loads of fun.the repetitive missions are definitely holding it back

sobotz1498d ago

From my 7-hour experience playing it on PS4, it's only an average shooter, it won't be scored lots 10/10 or won over 200 GOTY like TLOU. It's nowhere near Half Life, Halo, Bioshock, and Borderlands in term of setpieces, story, or anything.

But it's still worth having if 4/6 your friends are having it. Playing alone is too boring, the missions are so cliche... at least Borderlands have some fun missions. And that invisible wall.. God

SnakePlissken1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Really? I am enjoying this way more than I ever did Halo. Talk about repetitive, how is this repetitive and Halo isn't? From the graphics to the gameplay, I am having a blast in single player mode and I get bored with games quick.

I can't seem to put this one down. Seriously COD games getting higher scores than this? I usually cant stand fps games, but there is something unique about Destiny. I thought this game was gonna be overrated, and almost did not buy it. I am glad I did. It lived up to all the hype!

What game is not repetitive these days? I am so picky with games, i thought TLOU was slow and boring. I couldn't bring myself to even finish it.
This game could last a good while. So much to enjoy! To each his own I guess.

ScottyHoss1496d ago

@snake agreed, the game seems to have a long lifespan ahead, and I'm addicted lol wayyyy more engaging than any other shooter I've had, hard to put down (the controller, from the amount of negative comments it seems pretty easy to put down)

-Foxtrot1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

It is repetitive

So many "Deploy Ghost...oh there's a spawn of enemies coming, hold them off" moments in the game

Webbyy1498d ago

lol yea, i agree. , it is a bit repititive but yet fun though mostly with friends

TongkatAli1497d ago

Isn't every game repetitive, yeah, you can do more in other games, but you still repeating the same actions, that is repetition.

-Foxtrot1497d ago


When I play Skyrim I don't have to keep setting out to find an item and then bring it back to the owner

When I play Halo I don't have to keep boarding a Covenant ship in an attempt to rescue someone like Captain Keyes

When I play Tomb Raider I don't repeat the same puzzles over and over

When I play GTAV I don't always have to follow a car to find out information.

You get my point.

Destiny has a very strict mission structure where you do the same 2-3 things over and over. I talk about this a little in my blog which is why I'll not going into it much here.

At the end of the day it seems very lazy in my opinion, especially with how many different missions they could of had.

I feel like it's because with it being co-op they would have to work around the fact there might be more then one of you and it would be hard to do missions involving all three, which doesn't just rely on shooting stuff or vice versa if something requires 2/3 people and you are playing by yourself.

Bathyj1497d ago

I dont mind repetitive at all. All games are repetitive. Hell, so is sex for that matter. Its one of these words like linear that is suddenly a bad thing.

The trick is to make the thing youre repeating fun. I dont might having fun over and over again.

-Foxtrot1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )


It's not linear though, it's an open world game it's not supposed to be linear and if a developer does the same missions over and over then it's not very creative. I don't see how calling them out is saying it's linear.

"The trick is to make the thing youre repeating fun"

There is only so many ways to kill an enemy with your gun, it would be different if there was multiple ways of completing the missions but there isn't

Get to Dark Zone

Fight your way to last room

Deploy Ghost

Fight off enemies

Ghost says he's nearly done

As soon as he says that the big boss appears

Kill him and Ghost suddenly finishes

End mission

If you are paying for something then the least they could of done was to get creative, it's like you saying we should reward them for not being creative. Come on. Why should I have to make it different, they are the developers, not me.

Sayai jin1497d ago

@Foxtrot- Spot on...."Deploy ghost.

Honestly I am having fun playing the game, but it gets repetitive. Thats when I jump into PvP. I have a good amount of friends mention that the game is boring a repetitive. I'll be patient, but honestly I was expecting a bit more after the beta.

Meltic1497d ago

I dont understand why didint they do it less repetitive ?. Why cant they just Think smart like. Hey lets do the missions less repetitive and lets make the World more destructible and more fun. people wont play this for years. I can bet that people gona stop playing this by the end of the next year.

UnwanteDreamz1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )


TombRaider these games are repetitive

You have a right to your opinion but its just an opinion and if I want to be facetious I could go on and on about how repetative they are but what would be the point? These are good games to some people and overhypedgarbage to others.

Question? How many times in Skyrim were you told to go to a location (insert reason) get there fight through dungeon loot corpses for (insert item or information ) then return to original location? I could go on but again whats the point.

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dasbeer881497d ago

Nomination as one of the most overrated games of the year alongside with Titanfall!

SoapShoes1497d ago

Eh... TitanFall was more overrated. That game was forced on everyone and had a way bigger ad budget with ads in theaters, more dev commentary, GameStop pretty much ONLY advertising it, etc. It wasn't as good as this game either.

Sm00thNinja1497d ago

Titanfall is better than Destiny ATM no problem

SoapShoes1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

^ TitanFall is even more repetitive than Destiny and much more shallow. Both fell flat on hype judging on comments here anyway. I bet if this game got tons of 10/10s before it came out people would be singing a different tune just because so many let scores influence their opinion. Anyway I don't think any games this year will be amazing, there'll be some that are really fun but not amazing status. TLOU is the only one this year that can claim that imo.

Big_Game_Hunters1497d ago

eh think titanfall was more overhyped than overated, i think after playing it most people agree it's just a fun solid shooter but nothing mind blowing.

lategamer1497d ago

Titanfalls main problem was lack of content.

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Palitera1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Might hold it back, but it was done this way on purpose.

The thing is... Destiny is a DLC cow. If the content was intense, extensive, varied, they think people wouldn't be buying so many DLC.

Well, guess what? People won't stand a month playing this ripped apart game.

I'm enjoying it, for sure, but I know I'll soon be back to the relative randomness of Diablo until finally the great games of the season come up.

edit: engrish.

_FantasmA_1497d ago

This franchise will end up being $500 dollars across 10 years. Activision loves ripping people off with map packs and other useless upgrades. I'm glad I didn't buy this game. PlanetSide 2 will kicks its ass for free.

Palitera1497d ago

No, it won't. If you played both, you'd know that PS2 doesn't stand a chance quality wise and at least Destiny has a decent (albeit short) progression design. At the very least it is not a game that you have to pay to progress.

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mochachino1498d ago

Overall it could have been sooo much better but with friends it's fun and addictive, alone not so much.

Given the highly repetitive mission design, weak story, and utter lack of environment (Mars looks all the same, Venus looks all the same, Earth looks all the same instead of a waterfall here, a frozen section there, a mountain over there, etc.). I doubt much of the $500 million budget went towards making the game and not marketing.

Palitera1497d ago

Marketing >>> Quality and content.

Took a little for them to finally figure it out, but Destiny proves they got the message we sent them.

Now, with Destiny breaking sales records, it's not even arguable anymore. We shaped the business for the next years in some of the worst possible ways.

bigboss19901497d ago

I'd say 8/10 is right for this. The graphics are great on ps4 its a good social game but repetitive of course like any other fps game out there.. But you know the real games are out next year that's what I'm waiting for :)

hiawa231497d ago

The graphics are great on the X1 too

Monstar1497d ago

how was this ever going to be GOTY? it's a reskinned Halo with a shittier real protagonist and horrible character designs that just look confusing and idiotic, IMO.

So generic.

SoapShoes1497d ago

Hmmm by your definition Halo is generic too and I'd agree! Not because it's bad but because you can call any game generic and be right unless it's completely different in all aspects to conventional gaming.

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