Dragon Ball Xenoverse makes you the star, then lets you mess with the timeline | Dealspwn Preview

Dealspwn writes: "As much as I enjoy Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball (and Naruto) games, they've been missing a trick. By rigidly following the series story arcs and religiously focusing on the characters, they've never given us the chance to see how we'd fit into their universes. They've got all these cool powers, abilities, weapons and skills, yet we're rarely able to create our own avatar and really become a part of their world.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is finally going to change all that. Now we're the star of the show."

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rnmartinez1589d ago

This looks awesome, but too bad we aren't getting a Wii U version.

Blues Cowboy1589d ago

Yeah, especially since One Piece: Unlimited World Red shows that the Wii U can handle cel shading like an absolute boss (well, perhaps apart from the odd frame rate dip).

gano1588d ago

I can only image the possibilities on wii u.
They need this and a naruto.

BG115791588d ago

This has a feel of Dragonball Multiverse to it... Nice!

BitbyDeath1588d ago

Next year? Thought this was coming out this year? Hope that is a typo

Blues Cowboy1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Nope, 2015 is confirmed.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! :(

BitbyDeath1588d ago

Damn, well thanks for the rest of the info