Trigger Treadz out now for PS4 and Xbox One Controllers

Check out these little beauties, Trigger Treadz that attach to the original PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controller to provide increased grip and comfort during gameplay.

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KiwiViper851552d ago

I'd believe grip, but comfort?

MRMagoo1231552d ago

How sweaty do some ppls fingers get that they need after market pads for the ps4 triggers? I have never noticed a slipping problem with the controller at all on any of the controllers buttons.

Man_Marmalade1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Both of my hands actually gets sweaty while playing games but i never need grips or anything. I just wipe my hand on my shirt and go back to playing.

theXtReMe11552d ago

I'd imagine these would be great for those who play first-person shooter's and racing games on a consistent basis. I know the thumb stick extenders are a godsend for me and I don't really play all that much. I just like where it sets my thumbs at, it makes the controller feel more comfortable in my hands... Without any fatigue.

I'm sure there will be people who buy these who don't know how they lived without them. At the price, it's low enough that I imagine anybody who may have an issue with trigger slip would probably try them.

Speak_da_Truth1552d ago

Who buys this especially on the ps4?? The triggers are concave and they already have a rough surface. Except your trigger finger can sweat a river I don't see the need for this on the Dualshock 4.

MrCherry1552d ago

It was only a matter of time. Next week well have controller ad-ons. Things like that brake or ware down over time(and not along time) and need to buy another one and another ext... $ down shi+er.

vivid831552d ago

if I were to buy it, it would be for decoration only

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