Stardock: PC Shortfalls "Not Microsoft's Fault"

Former Microsoft games man Peter Moore said in 2006 that his company had been "derelict in its duty" to the PC gaming market. The owner of the Windows platform hasn't done enough to support the games that appear on the OS or the overall experience, he said.

But ardent PC backer Stardock, the developer behind Galactic Civilizations, publisher of Sins of a Solar Empire and creator of the newly-released digital distribution service Impulse, said that Microsoft shouldn't be wholly blamed for any perceived lack of progress in the PC gaming sector.

"It's not Microsoft's fault," believes Wardell. "Yes, PC gaming needs a champion. That's one of the things that drove us to do Impulse. ... But we've seen what happens when Microsoft tries to implement useful things in their operating system. They get sued."

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Isaac3956d ago

Gears of War and Halo on 360 long time before they do on PC, then yes, you can blame them. Sure, they are not the only ones to take the blame, blame Epic for focusing so much in consoles, and every other game developer. But PC has always been Microsofts turf. So I do blame them.

DeadlyFire3956d ago

No matter how much you may think its developer's fault Microsoft can crack a whip and get alot of them to jump and make something. They just don't do it anymore for the PC. They are focused solely on the X-box. They need to shift their focus to the PC and X360 picture not just X360. Anything out now for the PC is all because the developer wanted to put it there. Microsoft doesn't pay anyone to put their games on PC, cuz there is no need they own most of the PC market. Can't really say I blame them though. That picture isn't changing for awhile unless something drastic happens. Microsoft doesn't make or publish anything on PC though like it does for the X360. There are many games Microsoft could support on the PC if they wanted to do so. They just don't. That might change though in the next couple of years we will have to wait and see though.

Bolts3956d ago

Oh great first it was Valve who crowned itself the "champion" of PC gaming, and now Stardock, of all people is placing itself as the savoir of the PC kingdom. LMAO!! Talk about self serving delusional BS. Stardock is a niche player, nothing more, sure they scored a cult hit with Sins of the Solar Empire but they're no industry experts.

Thats like asking Matrix Games if Vista doing enough to help PC gaming. Its stupid. If you're going to pose a question like this then ask the people who actually know WTF they're talking about, like Blizzard, Epic, and Bioware.