GamerGate: Why Gaming Journalists Keep Dragging Zoe Quinn's Sex Life Into The Spotlight

Zoe Quinn’s sex life is not the story here. While the accusation that Quinn’s relationship with Kotaku writer Nathan Grayson may have started this discussion about journalistic ethics and transparency, the fact is that Nathan Grayson never reviewed Quinn’s game, Depression Quest, or wrote about it again after beginning a sexual relationship with her. Had the gaming press left it at that, this story may have gone away, like so many other times in the past when readers have accused those they rely on to report on the gaming industry of being unduly influenced by the publishers and developers they are supposed to cover...

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Top 10 Games Dealing with Mental Health Issues

Last Word on Gaming takes a look at ten games who treat mental health issues as respectfully and seriously as they ought to be in real life.

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Zoe Quinn's Allegations Against Alec Holowka Called Into Question by New Evidence of Inconsistencies

While many people familiar with Zoe Quinn’s history of duplicity were initially highly skeptical of the allegations, reporter Anna Slatz at The Post Millenial was the first to report on the inconsistencies in an article titled Zoe Quinn’s allegations are falling apart.

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yarbie10001778d ago

She has blood on her hands! So does ResetEra. People were making posts saying I hope he gets what he deserves right before he took his life. Evil parasites

Eonjay1778d ago

I'm new to this whole story. Why was everyone on ResetEra so upset with him?

kenpachi1778d ago Show
yarbie10001778d ago

Because they believe it's Guilty until Proven Innocent in all cases of #MeToo

Mr Pumblechook1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

The games media websites need to recognise the role they all played.
They all wrote about Zoe Quinn's claims without using proper journalistic standards of objectivity - instead, they wrote about the allegations as if they were proven facts. Why? It is okay for individuals on the internet to have an opinion and believe one side or the other but it's not okay for a professional 'journalism' website. This led to mounting pressure on a vulnerable guy who was being attacked by everyone on the internet, EVERY website, no individual spoke up for him.

Alec Howloka was a troubled guy who in his past interviews always came across a good natured. The poor guy was abused as a child, and the recent tweets reveal he was submissive in the relationship.

Polygon.com contacted the husband and wife team that ALEC had hired to help him make Night in the Woods and Polygon effectively asked them 'what are you going to do?' They then parted with Alec and he killed himself. Two days later his former friend and colleague wrote a long post condemning Alec. Disgusting human beings.

People came out of the woodwork to attack him and promote their brand and websites.

But the problem is that if and when allegations come out about somebody else, individuals and the games media will pile in without professionalism attacking the character of an individual. What happened to Alec must never happen again.

ginganinja1777d ago

So, Mr Pumblechook, a lot of the people who knew and worked with Alec agreed with and supported Zoe - including Alec's own sister.
But, you and the other internet Sherlocks who've never met anyone involved, know different..

Mr Pumblechook1777d ago

@ginganinja. You misunderstand the point of my post completely - this is not about you or I taking sides with the alleged abuser or the alleged victim. This is about the games media recognising that they should report on allegations - but must do so professionally. The reporters on these games websites were not witnesses to the relationship but by declaring one vulnerable person guilty he likely saw no path to clear his name. In actual newspapers in the UK, real newspapers would not be allowed to that as it is considered both ethically and likely legally wrong. If the games websites had reported this story with balance rather than writing as if he was guilty (as is right in real journalism) he might have felt brave enough to release a statement.

Orionsangel1777d ago Show
ginganinja1777d ago

@Mr P
Firstly, the sites I've seen (such as kotaku, IGN, PC gamer, etc. not blogs or bedroom youtubers) just covered the stories as is. Laid out who accused who of what and didn't pass judgement.
Secondly, have you ever read a UK tabloid ?
You'll struggle to buy a Sun in Liverpool because of all the BS it wrote about Hillsborough.
You can't use the Daily Fail as a source on Wikipedia because it's so unreliable and prone to sensationalist BS.

The Wood1777d ago

UK tabloids can be just as trashy as any other country's tabloids so I totally disagree with that. . Just look as recently as when Rahim sterling exposed their hypocrisy in regards to race. . . .

But in regards to this women she's clearly told a fib or twm. just because the guy wasn't perfect there's no need to pile on crap to justify the assumption of guilt. Some sites were just point scoring and tried to paint themselves as 'for the victims' . . . .bs. . .report fairly or don't report at all. An inspector calls springs to mind here

bumbleforce1777d ago

Because everyone on reset era is a bitch

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Welshy1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

There 100% needs to be legal ramifications for people who make false/misleading accusations that lead to ANY loss of the accused. Whether that's financial/reputational loss from being fired or all the way at the extreme that someone harms themselves or ends their life.

Any sane person obviously wants victims of abuse to have justice, but the scale has been tipped all the way to other side now, it doesn't even matter if there's evidence anymore. All it takes is an accusation and you're pre-judged as guilty by court of public opinion.

Enough is enough, we need reasonable middle ground. If you abuse someone, you go to jail. But also if you accuse someone falsely you should go to jail because it ruins and costs lives as much as abusing someone does, they need to be treated equally.

Edit: I normally keep things factual/logical, but this genuinely pisses me off so im allowing this one personal rant through. Look at the absolute STATE of her too. That "I'm invincible and can do what i want" look, you can tell from a 1,000 paces she loves to abuse double standards to further her own agenda on a daily basis. Stay away from f***ing cretins like this and show them no more attention. What a monster of a human being to contribute to a person death like this.

1777d ago
rainslacker1777d ago

Making false claims is a civil offense, and there are laws for it. In some cases, the damages may be more extreme than what can be recovered financially...like in cases where people lose their job or ability to maintain their way of life. But it's really rare for it to be a criminal offense, and requires more than what quinn did, and is usually prosecuted as part of a bigger criminal fraud case.

Victims of abuse can get justice, and while it isnt as easy to get justice as it should be...same as many crimes really...these kinds of accusations being about informing are spreading the idea that there is no way to get justice otherwise. The first step would be to call the police, or visit any number of free public or private services that help abuse victims for free.

Unfortunately, the legal system doesn't move as fast as the world does though. There have been an increasing number of cases in the past few years of false accusations leading to ruining a person's life, or potentially leading to deaths, so it may be something lawmakers start to try and look into. It becomes hard in the internet age though, because with everything being online, it almost requires a federal law since a lot of accusations are across state lines, and then of course there are international laws which would have to be accounted for.

There is no easy fix for the law itself I'm afraid. But while these things may take time to be remedied, any victim of abuse should seek aid. There are many sources which can refer you to who you need to speak to, and if one cant help, ask somewhere else. It isnt until everyone is saying they cant do something that people should seek other forms of recourse if they feel they've been wronged.

NarooN1777d ago

Well said. I forgot what she looked like since that GamerGate thing all those years ago, and wow, she just inherently looks like a stuck up piece of shit by default. What a terrible waste of oxygen. Every time her name pops up it's ALWAYS something negative attached, a controversy.

ilikestuff1777d ago ShowReplies(1)
rainslacker1777d ago

Kind of a shame that it took so long for someone in the press to point it out.

I dont know if the press is giving her as much attention as they did years ago, and she seems more like she living off Twitter fame, but the press is at a point where they have to probably distance themselves from her. I havent seen any ardent defense of her actions in a long time, and it usually is just some report about whatever claim she makes. But at the same time, i haven't seen the press also taking accountability for making her relevant(relatively speaking) as they made her in the first place. Doing so would only implicate then in their own failings as journalists in the whole gamergate thing, and we all know they arent going to do that.

In the end, many of the things she and those like her ushered in have left lasting effects on the game industry and press, and has changed the landscape about what is talked about when it comes to games. Many of us in the community see this, and dont like it. Worse, their actions have led to talented people being pushed out of the industry because they decided to create something they wanted to create. It's a shame that they were ever allowed to get so much influence, or that the gaming press has ever gotten so much influence over the industry or games that get made.

rainslacker1777d ago

Nope. I can see just fine, thanks.

PCgamer981777d ago Show
IamTylerDurden11777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I never believed her story, it always seemed inconsistent, nonsensical, and like attention seeking. I'm happy that there are actually some real journalists who are willing to do research rather than simply hang a guy based on a headline.

I implore every gaming journalist who has ever written a story about this to dig deep and do the research because you all contributed to a man dying. Every headline that judged Holowka before the facts were out and the story assessed contributed. Every person who immediately condemned the man and ran to Quinn's defense as if every word of her shaky story was granite fact. The fellow developers and former friends who immediately turned on him, trashed him, and quit his team. You all contributed. A man is dead. Her story is being proven as bullshit. You better hope for a smoking gun that miraculously proves her right because if this story is indeed bullshit and a man is dead because it, all of you cowards deserve to burn. Shameful.

Even IF her story is true, which i very much doubt, this is a tragic result regardless. Is this how we handle serious legal matters in 2019? Use Twitter to drive a man to suicide? This crazy bitch is wrong any way you slice it. Go to the police, seek justice through legal avenues and use facts and evidence to support your case. This whole situation is a travesty and it makes me sick.

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Blu3_Berry1778d ago ShowReplies(2)
-Foxtrot1778d ago

"While Marvel and Vertigo author Zoe Quinn"

Marvel and Vertigo? She got that kind of job? Are these people serious? Jesus man.

His blood is on her hands and she needs to pay the price, if this was a male developer he'd have his head on a spike by now.

Count_Bakula1777d ago

She/anyone who does this should face jail time or at least a massive fine. They must be punished if found they're lying and attempting to destroy someone's life.

Smokehouse1777d ago

That would explain the marvel high dive into the toilet bowl.

Welshy1777d ago

James Gunn made crude jokes on twitter more than 10 years ago and gets the boot.

But cretins like this who make false claims about sexual abuse and contribute to a person taking their own life get jobs in media because they are "brave" and "progressive". It almost makes me physically sick that industry's love this kind of person and are seemingly oblivious to double standards.

Batnut001777d ago ShowReplies(3)
KeenBean3451777d ago

What gets me is that this keeps happening. How many more suicides or ruined careers is it going to take for these people to realise that baseless accusations are a serious matter and can destroy someone.

Snakefist301776d ago

She working for DC Comics now her upcoming comic is Dona Troy turning into joker!

1776d ago
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Leeroyw1777d ago

I got to say I'm heartened by the biggest show in solidarity N4G has ever seen on this issue. Perhaps the tide is turning. I'm hopeful but not optimistic. Nice to see people agreeing on such an important issue.

rainslacker1777d ago

I doubt it. N4G is generally against people like her, outside some that want to antagonize people. But, the press will do whatever they want to keep making headlines, and they won't take any accountability for their part in their careless reporting. This will blow over like it always does, and about the best we can probably hope for is that the press won't give her any attention in the future. She fled from twitter after Holowka's suicide, but knowing her, she will not be able to stay away from the attention it gets her when she goes through one of her phases of needing to feel important.

She's obviously depressed and bipolar based on her attitudes and other reports from other people she's had relationships with, and people like that can't really stay away for very long.

Leeroyw1777d ago

Yeah agreed rainslacker. I meant maybe the tide turning in the media away from attention seeking nut jobs but point taken.
So good to see common sense prevail in this community but the video game media has been absolutely hijacked by people with social justice agendas lately and that comes at a huge cost.

Samus7071777d ago

100% upvotes. I'm so proud of this community.