Media Create software sales (9/1 - 9/7)

Media Create's latest Japanese software sales include debuts for Xbox One games.

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Geobros1594d ago

I was waiting much more sales for Dragon Quest X.

Foehammer1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I see a lot of hand-held sales.

MS made it onto the charts with the new release...

TitanFall made it to #7, Dead Rising 3 at #10, and Forza 5 to #12, some of these games are still on the charts from the launch Countries, impressive.

thehobbyist1593d ago

9,000 sales of a new game in a week is not impressive.

Foehammer1593d ago

Impressive enough to be #7 when the first 4 are hand helds and the 5th has been out for 8 years.

Impressive enough as well to be the highest selling fps in 2014 to date


Because is the only games that are not multiplatform

Outthink_The_Room1593d ago

WTF? How did this article get posted then?

How is this not considered FUD? Spreading articles that say it didn't crack the top 20. Then having an article a couple days later say, 3 games cracked the top 20.

And gamers on forums have the audacity to complain about journalists not doing their jobs. *sigh*

gerbwmu1593d ago

Because the article was based on 1 retailers numbers and is accurate for that retailer and states in the article that it isn't the best source for the more "hardcore games" who would be more likely to buy MS items.

Stupid article though because the sample size is small and of the wrong demographic.