Xbox 720 in 2011? Count me out. wrote: "No matter what anyone wants to say about the Xbox, the bottom line is that Microsoft gave up on the Xbox after only 4 years. That's nothing in gaming years. Microsoft simply took their ball and went home, leaving fans that paid hard-earned money stranded at the carnival without a ride home. Fortunately for Microsoft, Xbox fans, in general, are a loyal lot.

Well, if Bobby Bach is to be believed, Microsoft is getting ready to do it all over again. If that's the case, count me out...

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power of Green 3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I see the damage control posting tactics are picking up again. Once good Xbox news starts rolling in or not so good PS3 news so does the suggestive postings from the PS3 fanboys and media that supports Sony.

JSA-Gamer3773d ago

The article's author was called an xbot yesterday by the N4G trolls!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA.... I guess the author can't win either way...

power of Green 3773d ago

The proof is in the trolling lowl.

Drekken3773d ago

This is a serious issue he brings up... why is it getting marked as troll bait??

Veryangryxbot3773d ago

MS can count him out, he says.

Dont worry, Sarcastic gamer. Youre not the only one thinking that way. In fact, out of the 19 million, more than half of these people think that way.

And out of the 60 million PS2 owners soon to upgrade, they ALL think this way.

But trust me though, you wont see a new console, be it MS or Sony, that comes out before 2013.

Maybe a nintendo system before that but no console from SOny or MS.

This is a 10 year marathon.

Kleptic3773d ago

notice how he mentions the Xbox has a loyal bunch of fans...seriously...look at this have POG, mart, Jason, getpwned (or any of his 34 alternate accounts), etc, constantly claiming anything that comes up negative about the 360 is 'sony' related...

this is a legitamate concern...not everyone's parents by them a console, POG...MS dropped support for the Xbox in much the same way that Sega dropped the was sucking compared to Sony's offering...So they stopped supporting it and rushed another console to the market...MS has a lot more money to throw around in bizarre ways than Sega did though...So MS is still in this race, where as Sega dropped out entirely last generation...

it all goes back to the obvious the feck did MS garner such an army of loyal retards?...It sure wasn't from being loyal to them in the past...My guess is it was simply because there was a new console out, some where tired of their PS2 (and some had no choice but to upgrade if they only had an Xbox)...

MS drops support of the original Xbox in a little over 4 years...they put the next generation of owners through a tedious public hardware beta...They let hardware innovation take a back seat to keeping production costs down (of which they never shared to the public, only themselves........$179 for a 120gb HDD?...wake up idiots) They nickel and dime fans left and right, whether its paying to play online, or by forcing them to repurchase owned DLC because of the already mentioned public hardware beta...And they are in a position to most likely do the exact same thing all over again next the 360 and MS have supporters like some of you guys is absolutely beyond me...

pimpstation3773d ago

All the pro-360/anti-PS3 news? You mean all the perfect scores for MGS4? Oh wait...

madmike3772d ago

that ps3 owners wont to keep there console for 10 years they only just got games as xbox360 owners like me are ready for a more powerfull console and halo 4 to go with it thanks ms

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Bladestar3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

2011!? that's 6 years lifespan!
the average console life span is 5 years! I don't want to be playing a freaken 6-7 years old console.. specially when looking at the kind of games the PC will have 2-3 years from now... what a bunch of losers... you are telling me you can't save $399 in 6 years!? maybe you should not be playing video games... when one considers that a single game cost $60 ... own 10 games and you already spent $600! not to mention spending that or more on electricity a year.. just for playing a game.

get a PS2 instead!

JSA-Gamer3773d ago

What about people that just bought the console? Are they going to have to give it up in two or three years when Microsoft pulls the plug? Use your brain.

Wildarmsjecht3773d ago

Did you read the article?
"Sure, if the next, next-gen Xbox is launched in 2011 it will be six years from the 360’s launch, but what about people that aren’t early adopters? There’s a lot of us out there that didn’t buy an Xbox 360 until 2006, or 2007, or even more of us out there that still haven’t purchased the console yet. What about us, Microsoft?"

I think it more entails those who have yet to buy a 360 and are waiting either for more of a price drop, more games, and some of the past good games to become bargain based. In this economy state, having a game hobby is in fact very expensive no matter what platform you choose. PS2 didn't pick up a crapton of its sales till 3 years in its lifetime when it was lower priced, had the Greatest Hits lineup and more games were out. For you early adopters, you're fine with shelling out 4-600 (It may very well be higher than 400 Balde) on launch or soon after that. But for others who can't afford, and have to wait, bringing a new system out 6 years after your other one dropped is more like 2 years for them. If it were you, would you be happy if MS brought out a new system 2 years after you bought yours?

GiantEnemyCrab3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Agreed Bladestar. 6 years is plenty and is actually a year longer than the avg. console life span.

I don't think MS will drop support for the 360 like the original Xbox because they took steps this gen to make sure they own the innards and can continue to sell it like a PS2.

Maybe this author should just stick with a Wii or a PS3. I will be ready for new tech in 2011. I just hope MS doesn't go in the direction like the Wii did this gen but instead goes for high end tech specs so we can see games like that AMD Cinema 2.0 tech demo.

Tech moves at a fast pace, if you can't keep up then maybe you need a new hobby? I don't see people whining at iPOD for coming out with a new version every year or how about the iPHONE which is coming out with a new model every year and they are $200 cheaper with better features. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

@1.4: Fair enough, I think people just assume that MS will completely drop the Xbox 360 like the did the Xbox1. But with a little research you can see why MS dropped the Xbox1 and how they learned from that mistake this gen.

Wildarmsjecht3773d ago

I can see your point for early adopters, for the late ones who couldn't particularly afford it but would like it, I'd feel for them.

As for Apple products, I really don't get why people continue to buy the newer versions that came out 6 months after the other one. It's one of the many reasons I don't support Apple ipods,phones, or macs. (macs mostly for the user interface)

DarK-SilV3773d ago

Look at mr. richy rich up there...that was funny

Silellak3773d ago

It's funny how the average lifespan is 5 years, and 2011 would be 6 years, yet people are whining "what about the late adopters who would only have the 360 for 2 or 3 years?"

How come that's only relevant when we're talking about the 360 and Microsoft, and not another console or company? When someone else does it it's okay, but when Microsoft does it they're screwing people over?

Please. That's a load of bias crap. Typically, the longer you wait to get a product, the cheaper it is, but the shorter its lifespan. Such is the way with technology. Deal with it.

Wildarmsjecht3773d ago

Haven't seen the cynical side of you, or you for that matter for awhile now. How ya been.

But relating to what the article is mostly talking about, is whether or not MS would bring out a new product in 2011, and stop supporting the 360.

Since you assume that "OMG SONY DOES IT ITS OK, MS DOES IT ITS BAD SILLY FANBOYS", I just want to point out that Sony didn't stop support for the PS2, in fact, it's still getting support. Some 3rd parties like Capcom stopped, but not all and not first parties. If MS stopped support like the Xbox (Which may not happen considering they are in fact wiser this gen) then it would be a fault against them and only them. Yes, technology gets cheaper, but at the same time, things still get more expensive. who knows how much cheaper the 360 will be by '11. Who knows how the economy will be. Till we do, the late adopters who want to try and catch up and still get some of the new games out for the 360 would be shafted if support dropped, was slowed considerably, and a newer, better system was out.

fenderputty3773d ago

One of the benefits of console gaming, is that you don't have to upgrade your hardware often. It's one major thing that separates console gaming from PC gaming. As a console gamer, I don't want to upgrade often.

Still ... 6 years is a good amount of time. As long as they don't just drop the console like the original.

If they don't drop the console, then the actual life of the 360 would be longer then 6 years anyway. I don't see this as a bad thing.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Think about it, it isn't like last generation when games were coming out left, right, and centre. It isn't about Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo it's about the whole generation moving a lot slower. In two years time I know for sure I won't be getting any next generation console. I'll only think about it around the 7 - 10 mark and that's about it.

Last generation people were begging for a new console and since you can do so much with these consoles, why get another in two years. I honestly think the Nintendo Wii will age the fastest just based on the software (games). The more you can do with the console besides gameing will make a lot of buyers wait a lot longer. Last generation their were no movie rentals, online stores, online 3D communities, HD (High Definition) downloads...etc. With that alone will last me let alone the games themselves.

The next consoles would have to really impress me besides graphics other wise it makes no point upgrading, if my current console can do the same. This is what will hold people back what can it do that my last console won't offer?

The best analogy I can come up with is buying a console is like buying a house. Once you make the investment it will be hard for you to convince me to move out within 5 years if everything I need is in this location.

juuken3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Your comment made absolutely no sense as usual.

Wildarmsjecht3773d ago

good point. Consoles this gen do more than game. They allow movie and music download, internet capabilities, alot of cool things.

khsmooth3773d ago

....but the scenario that this article points out as problematic for consumers buying the 360 late into the life cycle is quite the same as the PS2 to PS3? The PS2 launched in 2000 and the PS3 came out in 2006 unless I've mistaken and the PS2 came out in 1999. However if the former is the case wouldn't it be the same and I don't think people had any real gripes with the transition from one to the other...well cost was the one gripe but most people looked forward to the launch of the PS3 after 6 years.

ericnellie3773d ago

The real question isn't when or if they launch a console in 2011 -- the important thing to look at is, if they do launch a new one, will they contunie to support the 360. Sony still has PS2 support and it's still selling well...I think if M$ did the same thing, it wouldn't be too big a deal.

Monchichi0253773d ago

This guy is saying 2011 will be to soon for all those people who have just recently bought a 360 or are yet to buy one. You my friend ARE NOT EARLY ADOPTERS!!! And you expect us to believe that you would become early adopters for next generations??? LOL PLEASE!!! You peoole would wait an extra 3 years regardless and buy one in 2014. That's 6 FREAKIN years!!!
I'm hoping for a new 360 in 2010 and so are all true early adopters!!

Bladestar3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Rich me? nahh... but I do not have to wait for my parents to give me a game console like many of you.

"What about people that just bought the console?" what about the people that just purchased a PS2? use your brain... how come Sony is not spending lots of money making new games for those people? yeah true.. sony is still manufacturing the hardware.. but where is the software support?

there will always be people buying the previous console... if the PS2 drops to $49 it would sell more than the PS3... but why isn't Sony having all their deverloper making PS2 games?

The only reason why Sony is selling PS2 is because they profit from it... but they are not supporting it as far as software is concern..

Microsoft obviously couldn't do that since they don't even have ownership of some of the hardware on the orignal xbox... now the xbox 360 that's not the case... microsoft have control of all the hardware unlike the original xbox.. and they will continue to produce hardware even after the next xbox 720... do you know why? use your brain losers... because it is and will be profitable... ohh and the next xbox will have backward compatibility... again for obvious reasons.. microsoft was involved in the development and design of the CPU and GPU hense they can add it to the next xbox...

yes, the xbox 360 will be like the PS2... sold even after xbox 720 comes out... now how about software? the obvious... just like Sony did... shift all their developer into the next xbox 720... some 3rd party will still make some games for the xbox 360... and new adopter will be able to buy and play all the games that they werent able to play since they weren't around... which is what PS2 late adopter are doing now... they aren't getting new games... the PS2 had a large library of games that they can buy and play... So, xbox 360 late adopter... go play the library of games the xbox 360 accumulated over the 5 years... use your brains fools... it's obvious...

but... buttt... buuuutt.. late adopter... that argument is stupid.. late adopter can adopt the old games... you want an original xbox? go to gamestop! ebay.. etc...

the only difference here between the PS2 and the original xbox is that sony is profiting from the PS2 hardware... but they are NOT... I repeat they are not supporting it on any way.. as far as software or even online... how many PS2 games you can connect online?... Microsoft is supporting late adopter of the original xbox today more Sony... you can get an original xbox today and you can play over xbox live...

ohh wow... Sony is support the PS2 because I can buy the same hardware I already have.... no new games... no online support... right... blind sony leg humpers.

n4gzz3773d ago

are you planning to play video game until after 6 years ??? aren't you gonna be grandpa by then ? oh, you mean you will play wii

Bladestar3773d ago

@n4gzz - are you saying that video games are only for kids? I think you were trying to insult me.. but instead you insulted many of the grownup people in this site that just like me still play video games... that includes PS3, xbox 360, and wii owners... Many of us don't see games like Gears, Kill Zone 2, Metal Gear like kids games.. we see video games as a form of entertainment like playing cards, uno, etc... just in electronic form... we are not planning to stop playing games.. for example me.. I hope when I grow old (now I am 28)... I will playing the latest games with my grand kids... trust me they will love it when I kick their @$$ on the on games..

n4gzz3773d ago

don't take it seriously dude, I am just joking. Beside when is wii is for only kids ?

plenty a tool3773d ago

in 2011 the specs of both the ps3 and 360 will look more than a little daated. 6 years is plenty of time imo.

infact i'm a little disappointed that new hardware mite not be out for xmas 2010. i like new consoles and i like technology as a whole.

anyway, who cares what sarcastic gamer have to say.

where can i place my pre-order for one of those un-announced bad-boys.

if you disagree, put a reason.

ip-student3773d ago

Of course a new console will come out in about 6 years - the gap between consoles and PCs is already getting pretty large, in three years it will be huge. And once again I will be an early adaoptor. Once again I will be taking a flyer on reliability, limited games, software headaches, etc... And I will only do it once for at least three years, so whomever comes out first (Sony or MS) will get my coin. Of course, the interesting thing will be what Sony and MS decided to throw in their new console - but that is another thread.

The difference is that the 360 (and PS3 in 2009 - three years after my 360 purchase) will continue to get some love because they look good on my HDTVs. That is the main reason I had to kill the PS2/XBOX/gamecub/Wii generation - I needed something close to 720p.

RememberThe3573773d ago

I think that the issue is that Microsoft cut off the original Xbox and some one who had just bought an Xbox got screwed. Sony is still supporting the PS2 even after the release of the PS3. So if someone bought a PS2 before the PS3 came out Sonys still got they're back. I believe that MS will do what Sony did this time around and continue to support the 360 after the Xbox 3 comes out.
Howere, there is the high probability that they will cut off the 360. MS think that the strategy that they used has payed off. They may be inclined to repeat the proses.

Tomdc3773d ago

They cant base their judgement on the previous lifecycle length tho, its unfair because xbox wasn't very sucessfull and needed a replacement.

Wildarmsjecht3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Singstar, Buzz, MLB the show, NBA 09 and so on. Learn to use your brain before sounding more like a fanboy.

MS could've still supported the xbox aftet losing nvidia or w/e. They chose not to. No ones fault but theirs. Blind MS leg humper.

ip-student3773d ago

MS did not own the IP for the XBOX 1 and therefore was not able to sell it for less as technology matured. This time they do and have stated on a number of occasions that they will. In fact, that is the whole reason for the stupid core - they can get the price really cheap and still make money on it when they eliminate the HDD. So we will be seeing the 360 for a long time. Which is fine, as long as the next gen pops up in 2011 time-frame so I can take advantage of the new tech that can actually run 1080p games.

cLiCK_sLiCK93773d ago

Based on these arguements, you can already tell who is going to be a 720 and a PS4 fanGurl.....

I Personaly dont care if Microsoft 'jumps in' on the next generation early and dont see why people care..((maybe because PS3 fanboys still want the PS3 to be looked as the superior hardware on the market??))
if you dont want it dont buy it!

And For Those 'late adoptors' what makes you think they will 'jump in' early?? They Are not the hardcore audience....

If the 720 comes out early then you can assume the 'PS4 is Still going the one with the superior hardware'
CELL 3, most likely the PS4 processor, still not offial but i dont see why they wouldnt implent that on the PS4...
....unless microsoft pulls out something far more superior than the CELL3....(which i highly doubt they can pull it off by the next 2-3 years..)

t-0_ot-3772d ago

Yea.. what about the late adopters? Chances are if you bought a 360 late in it's life cycle then chances are you won't buy the 720 until late in its life cycle. You can still buy the 360 games that every one else got. Including the early adopters. The games by that time are also even cheaper. So you can still buy all the games and get them at a cheaper price than anyone else got the games at.. Then when your ready you can buy the 720 and start the cycle over. Nobody is MAKING you buy the next gen console. I can go out and still find xBox1 games if I want to. I have seen xBox1 games in stores last year. I don't know if they still are or not because I haven't looked. But, still that's quite a while after the "give up" on the xBox1 that games were still being sold.

Voiceofreason3772d ago

I dont see anyone crying about this when it happens to other consoles. What about late PS2 owners? What about late GC owners? Really its time to grow up and understand that you cant cry about one company doing it when you have no problem with other companies doing it. I'll never own a MS console but I am not so bias as to hate them for the same thing Sony and Nintendo are doing.

BattleAxe3772d ago

Hear Hear!! Count me out too!

Finch3772d ago

I agree Bladestar! I was hopen they stayed with the normal 5 year thought, but 6 will do fine. MS only getting bad vibes just becuase they dropped Xbox like a rock. As long as the new one don't stop support for the x360 right out of the gate. Everything will be fine. If not MS is going to see a firewall! Yet i don't see that happen ever again from MS. They learned there leason.

For all the others complain about 6 years. Are you kidding me 5 years has always been the life span of a console Gen. Why is it any diffrent now? If anything they raised it by one year and you still complaining? Not everyone waits 4 to 5 years to get that gen console and you make it sound like its something Sony or Nintendo also would and will do! I'm sure the Wii will be 5 years (2011) and PS3 will be 5 to 6 years (2011/20012) too. Depends if they want to stay in time with the other two console releases or not if they wait till (2012)! Yet it don't change the fact even if MS wasn't releasing a console. Sony would still be releasing one at this same time frame. Well unless they where the very last console makers on earth. Than we would be lucky to get anything from them. They would ride it to the death of us before we saw anything new!

mistertwoturbo3772d ago

6 years is Ok just as long as they continue to support the 360. It's the whole dropping 100% support for the system is what's bad.

Blackfrican3772d ago

I would be ready to purchase another system in 2009-11. For all the late adopters who would not be ready: Why not adopt late again?

thereapersson3772d ago

Bladestar never ceases to amaze me. He tries so hard to act like he has an objective viewpoint on both Sony and Microsoft, but no matter how hard he tries to front, everyone knows he will still end up spinning stories and opinions to kingdom come when they have to do with Microsoft.

Hoggy19833772d ago

New Xbox in 2010/2011..bring it on. By that time the 360 will have a humungous catalogue of games so that anyone buying a 360 later down the line will still get a great gaming experience whether or not support is still given (although im sure it will partially)

Pnuts3772d ago

xbox 720 is for the serious gamer who can afford to carry on an every increasing gaming industry, where as the ps3 will soon have another price cut for the more casual gamers. When did anyone ever start comparing the xbox 360 to the ps3. The ps3 is superior and delvelopers know this, with games such as Killzone 2 and the rest that we all know about. The xbox 720 is a console that will stop the differences between the two and will maybe be more powerful.

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power of Green 3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Three forced anti MSFT posts in 15 minutes lol.
Natural news flow has been coming in that favors the 360 and the response is pulling news out of the pool of anti MSFT articles. WoW

Fucin retarded post too he compares the Xbox being dropped when it comes to support with a new console release lol

Pain3772d ago

I swear evertime i read that Crap u spew i lose IQ points.. Man oh man if People are really like u No- wonder your country believed in WMD's in iraq.

BigKev453773d ago

Count me in. But my guess is the new Xbox will come in 2010.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

In two years you'll buy another XBOX if it comes out?

jaysquared3773d ago

I bet it comes out in 2011.. Micrsoft has learned their lesson this time around about rushing a console out with all the problems in the 360.. Also I dont see Sony releasing the PS4 until 2012 since technically they were force to realease the PS3 a year earlier than they wanted to.. That would give Sony 5 years since technically the PS3 was released in 2007

Odion3773d ago

MS has already said it won't drop the 360 like it did the first xbox, but 6 years is plenty of time.

The PS2 was released 6 years after the PS1, I don't hear people complaining over that

Silellak3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Because it was Sony, and not Microsoft.

When Sony does it, it's okay.

When Microsoft does it, they are the evil devil and hate all of their customers.


It is a good point that MS did drop XBox 1 support like a rock. However, all indications are that they will NOT do the same with the 360.

Call me naive, but that's the way it seems, at least.

Lord Vader3773d ago

I agree. Ive read that M$ said they wont drop supporting the 360 like they did the original xbox.

However, IF they did, it would be hard for me to buy another M$ console. Plus, they had really better address the hardware failure issue on the next console - at the very least, I will not be an early adoptor next time.

JSA-Gamer3773d ago

Sony didn't drop the PS1 like a rock, like Microsoft did with the Xbox...

Time_Is_On_My_Side3773d ago

Look at the number of games that came out in the life-span if this is true I'm not ready to buy any console in two years time. This includes the next Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft console.

Dark_Vendetta3773d ago

Shouldn't be a problem as long as MS doesn't stop to support the 360 after releasing the 720

joevfx3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

the PS2 was a pretty large jump from the ps1, tech wise. i cant see a huge jump happenign between the 360 and the newer xbox. all they are gonna do is putter faster veriosn of older tech in it and a bigger ahrd drive, thats nothing to boast about. if they do somehtign new and innovative then we can talk.

Pornlord3773d ago

Well, if Microsoft says they won't drop the 360, it must be true :)

It seems to me to be a reasonable time frame for a new console, but you can't dismiss people's fear of MS turning on the consumers. They have a track record of shady business and lies to the people who support them. Not to mention the xbox drop. The two consoles are starting to blend a little anyway, with Sony picking up shooters and Xbox picking up Jrpg's. I got both, but I'm just used to playing those genre's the other way around, it feels weird :)

Odion3773d ago

there was no difference between the PS1 and the PS2 except more advance tech, you don't need an innovative feature to release a new system.

Also one of the major reasons why the first xbox was dropped was because they were having a dispute with Nvidea over the GPU and stop production of the chip.

6 years is plenty of time, and is still 3 3 and a half years away

ActionBastard3773d ago

Sony DOESN'T have a track record for pulling the plug on their consoles, unlike Microsoft. See, every Sony console has had a history of still being supported YEARS into their predecessors lifespan.

In short, you damn right if Sony does it it's ok. PS2 owners are still happy. What about Xbox owners?

n4gzz3773d ago

one of their best product Window xp which they will be stop supporting in 13 days. what makes you think that they will support 360 when it is garbage and losing money over it.

The Lazy One3773d ago

I'd rather them concentrate on making another good OS than keep updating an old system.

Either way, you still get rights to XP if you have vista.

If there were major problems with XP right now, then it might make a difference.

n4gzz3773d ago

but you can't even buy XP with new comp. I just brought new laptop and they shoved vista on me. And i don't want to install xp 'coz it voids warranty. That's called monopoly.

plenty a tool3773d ago

is fine if it's sony..just not microsoft.

and can i ask why people are so bothered about continuing support?? when i upgrade to new hardware, i want to know that the platform holder is throwing 100% of their resources behind it. ot deviding themselves and having some studios continuing to work on games for the console i no longer play on.

using the whole "atleast company A continues support" argument just seems dumb. why invest your cash if company A is only half-arsing their support?? out with the old, in with the new i say.

Common Sense3773d ago

I don't think Microsoft wants lose another billion dollars so I'm a little skeptical about Microsoft supporting the 360 for long.

I'm still bitter at Microsoft for the original xbox. I chose the Xbox over the ps2 in 2004 and I regret it because I year later, Microsoft dropped support for the Xbox.

Ever since then, I have being buying PS hardware (PSP and PS3- remote play is awesome) even though I almost bought the 360 ( Chose the PS3 obviously {toughest decision ever as the 360 is equally as awesome as the PS3) and it was my best gaming decision ever.

I for one, am not rushing into the next-gen and anyone who does is making a big mistake. Wait for all the next-gen consoles to be well established before making a decision or you are going to regret.

The man who said only fools rush in is a mad genius.

It's only common sense.

thebudgetgamer3773d ago

but do you think that in that time graphics will be that much more advanced then the jump from last gen to this one

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