iPhone 6 Debate Proves to Gamers That Resolution Doesn’t Matter

Launching the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 spawned two sides to an argument – one reasons that, in an age of incredibly similar features between the two consoles, resolution matters; the other says it’s not the resolution that counts, but the games you play. Then Apple announced that the iPhone 6 Plus will play games at a higher resolution than both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – both sides joined and, as one, proclaimed that resolution doesn’t matter.

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PaleMoonDeath1501d ago

It does when you take gaming seriously.

JackOfAllBlades1501d ago

I like my devices to have decent resolution, one of the reasons I prefer my Vita over my 3DS. And anyways the iPhone 6 Plus is 1080p.

Volkama1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

If the iPhone 6 plus is 1080p then in what sense does it surpass the output of consoles? Can it output higher to external displays?

Article doesn't do the courtesy of including the details :|

n4rc1501d ago

So let's take into account the 4k phones we have now.. What is it? Lg g3?

Its like comparing Mario at 1080/60 then complaing that bf4 can't do the same

IRetrouk1501d ago

There is no 4k phones, some can record at 4k but thats it, the lg g3 has a 2k screen.

ABizzel11501d ago

This whole debate is so stupid, and people are taking the entire point out of context to manipulate things to work in their favor.

1. Does Resolution Matter?

Yes, but it's not the end all be all of gaming. Resolution matters, because it's one way to show evolution in quality. It provides a cleaner and clearer image, and to be frank most HDTV are 1080p at this point and it makes sense for the content we view to be able to use the max resolution of our HDTVs. Should resolution be a number 1 priority, no. When a game is finished, and the developer is in the final tweaking stages is when resolution should become a focus, and getting the image quality up to as high a resolution as possible while maintaining a rock solid framerate whether 30fps / 60fps is the end of what resolution should matter. 720p isn't bad, but if you can achieve 1080p with the same results why settle.

2. iPhone 1080p game quality is not the same as PS4/XBO/Wii/PS3/Xbox 360 1080p game quality.

The power simply isn't there yet. Tegra K1 is the only mobile dedicated device that has the raw power to rival PS3 and Xbox 360, the iPhone 6 GPU is barely over half the power of the K1's GPU, the advantage these phones and tablets have is that they have 4x the amount of RAM or more (2GB / 3GB).

The power in mobile is getting there, but it's not up to PS360 quality on a wide scale, and most high0end mobiles games are only on par with the average PS360 PSN/XBLA game.

Mobile is a viable gaming platfomr, but for gamers use to consoles and PC, mobile isn't there yet and still a generation behind overall. The fact that cellphones now offer up to 200 GFLOPS of GPU processing power, means that mobile games will be able to see console quality when developers take it serious. In 2015 Tegra K1 should be in more devices meaning mobile could finally get the push it needs to be on par with PS360, and Tegra K1 will have it's Denver model released later that year offering a Dual Core desktop equivalent CPU, 300 TFLOP GPU, and 4GB of RAM or more, meaning PS360 will be surpassed, and the Wii U will start being caught by mobile.

Mobile is the future of handhelds, and with this level of performance Nintendo and Sony would be wise to follow suit if they want to continue with handheld products. N-Fusion and PSTablet.

iloveallgames1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Right now I don't think anyone knows what the iPhone 6 Plus is using as a GPU yet do they? And hence no one knows how powerful it is or how comparable it is to the console world.

The Tegra K1 isn't king of the mobile GPU hill either, that honour (as far as I am aware) belongs to the ARM Mali-T760 at the moment at 326 GFLOPS which is coming up on double the power of last gen. Keep in mind the original iPhone had only 1.6 GFLOPS of processing power in 2007, 2 years after the 360 launched. If the rate of progress holds as it has for the last 7 years, mobile phones will out power current gen consoles in 3 years.

The T760 will be in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 this fall and for reference, the Note 3 launched at the same time last year and broke through 10 million in sales by November and is presently at 38 Million and that is just sales for one handset in one year.

ABizzel11501d ago


Apple said the A8 offers 50% GPU performance over the A7, and 25% CPU performance, but overall it saves more power.

The K1 is also 326 GFLOPS; and based on spec analysis the K1 came out a tad ahead of the T760, and when doing something like big screen mode the T760 is technically better thanks to it's higher Gpixel count, but it drains significantly more power because of it lasting about half as long as the Tegra K1 when hooked to a HDTV.

Overall it's a mighty chip as well, but power consumptions and mobile performance goes to K1.

1500d ago
DivoJones1501d ago

Right.... Look here's the thing, the human eye can only perceive so much.. It's a physical limitation of our species. The only times that 1080p is even visually noticeable is when your screen is huge or your sitting VERY close to your tv. See here

Based on the URL you might say "Hey, even the URL says it matters'. And it does.. but towards the bottom there's a lazy calculator that tells you how close you need to sit to truly benefit from 1080p. For a 47" tv, it's 6 feet or closer.

1500d ago
medman1501d ago

What?? Come again? I wish these articles would make even a modicum of sense. Comparing gaming on your phone to gaming at home in front of a large screen tv or monitor is asinine. And I'm being polite in calling it that. Give us a break guy.

Volkama1501d ago

I don't keep up with iPhone news, what resolution does the new one support? I would think if it follows an HDMI-standard resolution and aspect ratio then it could just as easily output to a TV.

Would not surprise me if phones and tablets push 4k living room gaming before consoles do (even if the visual quality isn't up to much).

ABizzel11501d ago


The iPhone 6 is a weird +720p resolution.

The iPhone 6 Plus is 1080p.

"Would not surprise me if phones and tablets push 4k living room gaming before consoles do (even if the visual quality isn't up to much)."

And that's what the entire issue is about, it's borderline lie, because the original comment was indicating that the iPhone 6 would play games at a greater resolution than PS4 / XBO, when in fact it's max resolution is the same as the output resolution of those consoles, and the quality of an iPhone game is nowhere near the quality of a PS4 or XBO game.

It's a lie, because there's omission and embellishing of truth in that the comment. The reason a iPhone game can be 1080p, is because most games are 6th generation quality, and at best PS360 PSN/XBLA quality.

Tiqila1501d ago

if you can play angry birds in 4k resolution that does not mean you rival state of the art console graphics...

Volkama1501d ago

@Tiqila "even if the visual quality isn't up to much"

And also, if you can play Angry Birds in 4k at 60 frames per second then you can do something that the consoles can't.

Testfire1501d ago

You're right medman. Some people are idiots, or they just want to stir up flamewars. Gamers don't follow resolution, they follow a certain platform they choose to game on (ie consoles, PC, smartphones), then within that platform they choose the one that fits their needs the best. You're not going to convert a console gamer to an smartphone gamer just because of higher resolution. You won't convert console gamers to PC for the same reason.

Jury1501d ago

Agreed. This is a new low

chrissx1501d ago

Only casual gamers game on phones

ABizzel11501d ago

I have a gaming PC, PS4, XBO, Wii U, PS3, XB360, PS Vita, 3DS, two DS, and I game on my phone as well. Does that make me a casual thinks not.

If you don't know what they offer outside of Candy Crush, you probably should comment.

VforVideogames1501d ago

You are a casual gamer on phones, but on consoles you are hardcore, just like me.

ABizzel11501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )


I have NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBA, DS, Genesis, PSOne, PSP all running on my phone with no problem. I have a controller synced to my phone, bluetooth headphones, and I can plug it up to my TV, and do plenty of classic gaming.

I can play God of War, Gran Turismo, Battletoads, Pokemon, Mario, Final Fantasy 1 - 9, MGS, and more on my phone simply through emulation.

How is that casual? That's the common misconception of people, who think mobile gaming is Candy Crush, Plants vs Zombies, Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, etc...

No emulation is probably the greatest reason to game on Android, and there are still games made for mobile that are good games, and many of those games are free.

Dead Space, Modern Combat 4 (COD Mobile), Need for Speed Most Wanted, Real Racing 3 (Forza Mobile), Sonic Episodes, Sonic All Star Racing, Dead trigger, The Walking Dead (freaking GOTY winner also on mobile), and much more.

Whoever, says mobile isn't a gaming platform, or is casual only are ignorant of what it offers, and simply never tried to experience it first hand outside of casual games.


LOL as the same "INSTANT" 3 disagrees. You disagree with the person who speaks from experience, meanwhile you're speaking out your @$$ mmmkay.

Saito1500d ago

Consoles is acceptable. Phones do not count. Deal with it.

Illusive_Man1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

1080p is becoming pretty standard on X1 as of late

Axonometri1501d ago

So the iPhone is capable of same res as consoles and that's the major selling point toward gamers on phones...

How does this prove resolution does not matter? It proves that it does matter. Your argument does not even make sense.

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