Would a free copy of Destiny push you to buy an Xbox One?

This week, Microsoft is casting a net trying to catch anyone willing to buy a next gen console during the week of Destiny’s release. Through Saturday, September 13th, you’ll find the best bundle offers we’ve seen yet for the Xbox One, available from Microsoft and other retailers. You’re unlikely to see better bundles until the holiday season later this year. As noted yesterday by a recent report, sales of the Xbox One improved in the month of August. Microsoft hopes to tip the balance of next gen power away from its competitor Sony, and this offer might be enough to do it.

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Foehammer1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Can't go wrong giving away free stuff

Almost all the games are multi platform now and, while subjective, many have said that X1 has the better holiday line-up.

Mikelarry1500d ago

Yeah you cant go wrong but how many more free games can they give away? clearly this free games is not helping the system fly off the shelves so they might want to try something else.

they gave away fifa, titanfall, TMCC ( game exclusive) now destiny.

Death1500d ago

So they should be like Sony and give nothing with a console? Microsoft has been gaining ground for a couple months in the U.S. Maybe Sony should consider packing in a game to keep their lead. The worst thing that would happen is Sony fans would get more for less. Sounds like a win-win. Either that or we can somehow spin giving back to gamers as being bad and demand the practice be stopped.

aerisbueller1500d ago

@Death, the worst thing that would happen is Sony misses loses money giving away free games. It's not a win-win for Sony. Microsoft is the one in a position of desperation, so it makes more sense for them to start bribing people into buying one.

avengers19781500d ago

They haven't been gaining ground. You have to out sell your competitor to gain ground, MS has yet to do that.

I'll try explaining this one more time. For the sake of argument, let's say PS4 is at 3 million in the US, and XB1 is at 2 million, and let's say PS4 sold 250,000 units in August, and XB1 sold 240,000 units in August... The lead was 1 million now it's 1 million 10,000 units... For XB1 to gain ground they have to OUTSELL the PS4. You and your fellow XDF keep saying it's gaining ground, but that's impossible as long as PS4 outsells XB1 on a monthly basis.

And that's only the US, worldwide it's gonna be a lot harder for XB1 to catch up.

Mikelarry1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

@ death

I never said that and I also never mentioned this was a bad thing either my comment was that the giving away game is not helping move consoles in a way MS desires and maybe they should try other tactics that could improve xbox one sales. my comment was not a dig at MS in anyway just my observation.

choujij1500d ago

I'm pretty sure they forgot to mention the 12-month XBL subscription. The promo I saw this week from MS was the $399 Xbone SKU, plus 1 free game, a $50 gift card, and 12-month XBL subscription.

Still a no for me though.

Death1500d ago

If the gap in sales monthly is closing, they are gaining ground. It's not a hard concept to understand.

If they are selling more consoles now than they were before the promotion, that is helping systems sell. Once again, not a tough concept to understand.

It's incredible how people can spin an increase in sales and a free offer as bad.

The only ones desperate here are the people upset the Xbox One is starting to sell better in the U.S. That is why they spin anything positive into a negative. New Xbox customers are getting a free game. That's great news for anyone looking to buy a new Xbox.

LordMaim1500d ago

@Death: Losing ground more slowly isn't the same thing as gaining ground. The difference in install base is still increasing.

BadlyPackedKeebab1500d ago

You can pickup a ps4 destiny bundle for the sameish price as a solo in many places (UK).

dantesparda1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Heck even if they threw in a extra free game (of my choice) along with Destiny, the $50 gift card and 1 yr free of XBLive. I still wouldnt get it. Sorry but i dont want it, dont care for it. Its inferior to the PS4 and want the technically superior games and dont envy/care about any of their exclusives. And i love how Death twists reality around to make it seem like MS is doing this cuz they hook it up whereas Sony doesnt cuz they dont give you anything. Instead of accepting the fact that they are doing it out of desperation. Talk about delusion. Also MS fanboys keep talking about how the gap is closing, yet, it all it does is keep growing. Its at 5.1 million plus now and growing. It must suck having to have to defend and deny and do all this damage control for MS all the time like Death has been doing in full time lately

darthv721500d ago

the notion that its games that make the $$ is still the same as it always has been. MS wants to move hardware and when they move enough of it then it is up to the software to bring in the $$

Each company that has been in the underdog position has made a similar move of giving away something or lowering the price to move units. Atari, nintendo, sega , sony and MS. Its a very common practice. Nothing new here.

The system itself is a good system. I would have to venture the reason so many flat out shun it is because of spite for MS. Hate the player but dont hate the game.

buy one 2nd hand but do yourselves a favor and get one to support the good developers that are putting their time and $$ into keeping this industry flowing.

Its a sad state of affairs when gamers hold a grudge and a good system goes under. Seems very similar to what happened to the Dreamcast. I for one dont want to see any platform fold like that one did. Every platform deserves a chance and every gamer owes it to themselves to play them and be entertained.

avengers19781500d ago

@ death since there are no numbers, how do you know that it has actually helped them sell more units?

MysticStrummer1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

"Microsoft has been gaining ground for a couple months in the U.S."

No they really haven't.

Math. It's more than a rumor.

"So they should be like Sony and give nothing with a console?"

There are already more free games on PS4 that don't even require PS+ to play online, and more are on the way.

OT - I'd guess on N4G the answer would be no. I've seen many XB fans hating on Destiny here, but most of them already have an XB1 so idk.

700p1500d ago

well recently they have a deal which ends on the 13th, that when you purchase any xbox console(bundles included) you can get any game free.

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Bennibop1500d ago

That would not happen due the nature of the agreement between Activision and Sony.

Foehammer1500d ago

You might want to read the article.

MS is giving a free copy of any one of 35 games with an X1 purchase, including Destiny.

Dlacy13g1500d ago

@Foehammer well said. Reading is fundamental. +bub

Bennibop1500d ago

Sorry I misread the article!

CerealKiller1500d ago

I don't think anyone is going to completely change their mind about what console they are buying over a free game.

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