Xbox One October Update Best yet; Includes Best of Xbox 360

One problem that many users saw in the Xbox One is the inherent difference in its OS compared to that of the Xbox 360′s – specifically, the Xbox 360 had an easily accessible Guide button that the Xbox One did not. Now, with the upcoming October update, the Xbox One has its own version of the Guide button, and it looks even better.

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TheCagyDies1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

I got the preview and I love the double tap and friends leaderboard.

jackanderson19851501d ago

ha yeah the friends leaderboard is something that i would have lived without but now that it's there it's created a kind of competitive streak

Sayai jin1500d ago

This update is a gold one. I like the ability to snap in messages and see the history without even leaving a game, movie, etc. I can't believe how fast and sound these updates are coming. The dev team that works on XBL should get raises.

Fgfttfgff1500d ago

They have to do something when they aren't making gamers happy now they are and it's good !

system221500d ago

im really looking forward to this update. its awesome how fast they are implementing new features... and actually really good, useful ones.

Sayai jin1500d ago

You should get in the preview program!

ABizzel11500d ago

That's expected since MS is a software company first and foremost, and it's exactly why a PlayBox with Sony and MS working together would be the greatest console of all time, and eliminate the 90% of the console wars in one swift blow.

But back to reality congrats to MS, on being fast and furious with getting these updates out. That's the power of competition and more importantly the extra effort you have to put forward when you're the underdog. It's done wonders for the Xbox brand being last place, and hopefully it doesn't have to happen again to Sony or MS for them to continue this new standard both are aiming towards.

Dontworrybhappy1500d ago

Its real easy to join man. Im tryin to get mah friend in now so she can get it early :D

ovnipc1500d ago

I got the update 2 days ago, and the double tap pop up its awesome. This makes navigation easier. Can't wait to jump back into destiny, but my internet will be down until Monday. Comcast fix your lines soon!!!! They decided to do repairs destiny week.

Dontworrybhappy1500d ago

Yea dude, another of my group bought an X1 without Kinect for Destiny. I told her she should get the update soon, and itsa wesome for peeps without the Kinect. All you gotta do is tap the Xbox button twice and hit X and it records the last 30 seconds. Perfect for non kinect people. BTW Destiny whoo!

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Foehammer1501d ago

Really liking the consistent evolution of the console

Great work

sensor211500d ago

Sony better have good games they wont mimick xbox in os department nor will the ps4 look that much different as the ps3 still has original elements it had as it came out.

mhunterjr1501d ago

The snap feature just became a faster, less intrusive version of the 360 guide menu...

And the inclusion of DNLA support FINALLY allows me get rid of my xbox 360. I'd still like to have an xb1 hbogo app, but until then, Plex will do!

mochachino1501d ago

Have to say as a PS4 owner I am a little jealous of MS providing meaningful updates on a monthly basis. Good job MS, Sony should take note.

Even if my PS4 had meaningful updates quarterly I'd be's taking forever to improve functionality and features.

hello121500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Don't be jealous just buy an x box 1 no reason not to. Ok money and the games mightn't interest you, i guess are the only two valid reasons to not own one.

mochachino1500d ago

There's nothing I can say that wouldn't sound like trolling... I'll just say I'm not looking for second console at the moment. I'm very happy with my PS4 purchase and greatly enjoy it's current game catalogue and look forward to what's coming next to the console.

My only complaint would be the lack of meaningful OS updates, functions and features.

TheRedButterfly1500d ago


+ Bubble for Well Said. Thanks for being mature and keeping a level head. It's a rarity on this site, and we need more people like you.

SoapShoes1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Well one could say it was far ahead of the Xbox One to begin with. 1.70 was great and 2.00 is awesome and coming soon. They're doing more than they did with the PS3 so far. I don't mind infrequent updates if they are big updates. A bunch of small minor updates is less appealing, imo.

Sayai jin1500d ago

@SoapShoes, Minor updates? The updates are very slow on PSN right now. Opposite of the PS3 updates. They were constantly providing updates on PS3. The console has been out almost a year with very little update. Sony said they would be constantly updating the system at E3.

IMO the UI and functionality of PS4 was better at launch, but now the XB1's UI and functionality is much better. I think Sony should intact a program like XBL preview program. I would sign up in a minute.

MrPink20131500d ago

Sony said they wanted less updates after all the flack they received on the PS3. So many useless updates as far as new features go. Yet in the PS4 they continually have updates mostly in the form of security updates and stability. Microsoft continues to shine when it comes to updates as their background is in software and operating systems via Windows.

ghostface91500d ago

way ahead of the x1 thats a laugh riot you guys just got sharefactory like a month ago when the xbox started off with upload studio which is just one many the ps4 doesnt have

SoapShoes1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

First off let me say, since you seem to have misunderstood what I was saying, that I am not talking about Xbox after I said PS4 was ahead in UI when it launched. After that it was specifically in response to his reply about the PS4. Next, what don't you get about minor updates? I prefer the way Sony is doing them in bigger chunks rather than with the PS3 where it improved A LOT over time but it was gradual more than all at once. I got a PS3 in 2008 so I don't know what it was like before that but after that you had the internet complaining like school girls because Sony kept doing little updates rather than all of the requested things at once. I much prefer this method but it isn't perfect. We've only got one major update and the second is still to come(which still has unannounced features, btw).

@Ghostface9 - Uhhh.... way to ignore everything else.

Sayai jin1500d ago

Your minor update comment was a bit confusing and minor vs major update is subjective. I would not consider the first update Sony had for the PS4 major. I had a PS3 at launch and the updates propelled the UI and added features quicker. That's your preference if you like updates every once in a while. I would prefer they would at least have quarterly updates. Not to mention, having to wait for them to fix know bugs for the "big" update. For this gen it is unacceptable and again they said at E3 that ease of access, apps, UI improvements would be steadily improved. IMO it is in frequent at best. They should simply start a preview beta program and have PSN gamers test and leave feed back. To add they should allow the gamers to vote on the features they want.

Rocky51500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


The reason the PS3 & Sony got so much flack for updates was, becuase 99.8% or them were stability updates & they were large & took ages to download, the other 0.1% removed features & the last 0.1% added some things.

The Xbox One updates are usually 250+MB & don't take that long to download & also add features & are not just security/stability patches (though these are included).
If your in the preview program we test the updates so the public don't have to get 4 or 5 updates in a row to fix minor thing.

Sony should be doing the same, instead of releasing little updates fixing issues, that could have been fixed before the public release.

To note, I hated updates on the PS3 due to the P2P Sony used, it was so dam slow & ultimatly the 4.46 I think (was the one to unbrick semi bricked consoles) bricked my PS3, I guess due to a bad download who knows.

Ultimately Sony should have a preview program like MS, it would benefit the community & Sony in the end.

donthate1500d ago

I don't see how the PS4 was "far" ahead the Xbox One to begin, but needless to say the Xbox One is improving fast and furiously in the span of 5-6 months, and is now for the most part equivalent in almost every area to Xbox 360 (and PS3), and has tons of features that surpasses it.

The updates are done in the background so you don't notice them, it's just on and new features! yay!

Now that Xbox One surpasses Xbox 360, I wonder what other awesome feature you are going to get in the next 6 months!?

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Sayai jin1500d ago

I wish Sony would implement a preview update program like XBL. If the competition is doing something right and its good, then do the same...cough er games with gold, etc.. As PS4 owner I hope to see a program like this.

One of the coolest things they have for the XBL preview program is the ability to suggest an improvement or addition and people get to vote on it. If it gets enough votes the dev team gets to work on making it happen. Thats a good level of control and impressive!

donthate1500d ago

Sony had a feature voting site, but they hardly did anything with it and continued their path of "stability updates" on the console with no new features.

In the same mantra they continued the "maintenance update" on PSN, and they have to actually take PSN down to boot.

I hope so, because competition is good and I own all the console sans the Wii U (getting one soon too), but I'm afraid we aren't going to see this change anytime soon.

PS4 became a success by virtue of almost doing nothing and chest thumping that they are for the gamer, doing exactly what they did during PS3.

system221500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

as an owner of both consoles i can say that xb1 is almost a different console from when i bought it. i love the ps4 but the functionality that increases each month on the xb1 is really impressive.... external drive support, dlna, boot up options, new multitasking features etc... the ps4 has barely even changed with the exception of things like control over the light bar (still no way to turn it completely off) and share factory (which i personally will prly never use). the interactive themes on ps4 should be pretty fun though. not entirely useful but at least it will have a degree of customization.

Death1500d ago

A friend of mine found a great way to turn off the annoying controller light on his PS4,

ABizzel11500d ago


MS is a software company so they can dish out software much faster than Sony, whereas Sony's strength is in hardware as it shows in the difference between both consoles.

However, on a side not I think there are 2 reason why Sony has been so slow. The first is because people complained non-stop (many who weren't even PS3 owners) about the PS3 having frequent updates even though most were monthly, and Sony didn't want any negative comments at all about the PS4. The second is because MS has been developing software on this architecture for ever on PC, meanwhile Sony has to ditch everything they learned from the PS3 and start over.

I agree Sony should at least be aiming for quarterly updates, because as of now the PS4 is way behind in features. We'll see what all 2.0 brings, and hopefully it bring a lot. What would also be a great feature is a top 10 friends list, so you can easily see what's happening with the people you play with most.

Death1500d ago

So the choice is people complaining of too frequent of updates or people complaining of too few updates and not enough features? I'm not so sure I'd be quick to think Sony is more worried about too many updates. The last couple updates were unseen stability updates. I have a feeling they are running into some of the same issues they had with the PS3. Sony promised party chat was coming for years before they finnaly admitted it wasn't possible to do with the PS3's hardware configuration.

Two possible scenarios are keeping added features from the PS4. One is the system isn't made for more than gaming. GDDR5 isn't exactly CPU or OS friendly. There may be issues on the hardware side. The other possibility is the features they want to add may be tied up with patents by Nintendo and Microsoft.

donthate1500d ago


"Sony promised party chat was coming for years before they finnaly admitted it wasn't possible to do with the PS3's hardware configuration."

It is actually worse than that, the fact that MS was able to push party chat into a 32MB footprint OS, whereas Sony's PS3 had a 48MB footprint OS that started at a bloating almost 100MB, is dis-concerning.

"he other possibility is the features they want to add may be tied up with patents by Nintendo and Microsoft."

Some features might, but MS and especially Nintendo doesn't sit on all these features, otherwise PC vendors couldn't implement them either.

This is simply a company that doesn't have the expertise and/or resources.

Sony might be a big company, but as a dream job, it is MS, Google, Facebook and others sitting on that list.

mochachino1500d ago

PS3 owners complained about constant updates that added very little in terms of features or functions. The same thing is happening with PS4, although thankfully the updates take less time to get back to gaming.

OrangePowerz1500d ago

Last gen everybody complained that Sony made regular FW updates and said they should do quarterly updates like MS. Mow they make them quarterly and people complain that they should make then more regularly.

Death1500d ago

It's less people wanting updates and more wanting new features they assumed would be present day 1. If both systems didn't need the updates to bring the missing features, no one would be looking forward to updates.

ghostface91500d ago

thats because they want new features not firmware updates

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hiawa231500d ago

Microsoft is a software company. It is what they do. I own both consoles, so really not envious of either, but, Sony has something special planned for their next update

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aviator1891500d ago

Pretty awesome.
I hope they bring backgrounds with transparent tiles next.

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