A glimpse into the lives of disabled gamers

Gaming is for everyone. Being disabled is not always a disadvantage as three hearing impaired gamers from South Africa explain their trials and tribulations in the eSports scene.

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HanCilliers1502d ago

wow, nice to reading something completely different than GamersGate controversy. Hat off to these guys.

"Our clan is not at a disadvantage, we're just without sounds." LOVE this attitude, you go boys

CongoKyle1502d ago

Their attitudes are amazing! Lots of respect for these guys.

plut0nash1502d ago

TBH these guys deserve as much respect, if not more than most gamers.

DesVader1502d ago

Lovely good news story this, gg.

lord zaid1502d ago

I have all my senses and I totally suck at playing anything competitively. These guys are simply amazing.