Diablo II Patch 1.12 With No-CD loader Released

Diablo II Patch 1.12 has been finally released. It marks the new ladder reset and allows players to play without the game CD on the CD-drive.


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Drekken3960d ago

10 years too late.

And this used to be a bannable offense. Good to see Bliz wake up.

Tempist3960d ago

Wait, D2 servers are still running?

Drekken3960d ago

crazy right??? I was 17 playing that game ALL NIGHT LONG... I am now 29. Game has some legs!!!

Daver3960d ago

@ Drekken

loll the game is only 8 years old not 12

H-V-H3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Hey Drekken whats 2+2 ?

Just kidding

Alexander Roy3960d ago

Finally another game that has the balls to say "Who needs a crack?"!
Okay, it's quite late, but better late than never.
If people want to play without the CD/DVD in drive, they will do so anyway.
Thumbs up Blizzard!

Nitrowolf23960d ago


10 years, 10 freaken years wos that to late

iNcRiMiNaTi3960d ago

for those that know about programs like daemon tools

shadowfish3960d ago

Ever played D2 on It recognises if you had a CD in or not, and if you were using Daemon tools, wouldn't run without some mega-hex-editing.

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