Microsoft Said Near $2 Billion Deal for Minecraft Maker

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), maker of the Xbox video-game console, is in discussions to acquire Mojang AB, the software company behind the popular game Minecraft, for more than $2 billion, three people with knowledge of the talks said.

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Paprika1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

No offence to Xbox gamers.... if they pull this off I'll be disgusted tbh. Are ms so desperate? They are killing the industry. Minecraft sells on PC Xbox already... why ruin it for everybody else... it won't make me want your damn console.... I'll just buy a Sony laptop for minecraft lol!

Quantum break, gears, sunset overdrive do however! And they are exclusives, genuinely. Stop buying multi plats ms.... its like s 60 year old guy with his model 21 year old girlfriend, $$$. I really struggle to like Microsoft.... that's why I ditched my 360 2 years ago and went back to ps3 to get ready for ps4.

jackanderson19851502d ago

if you bothered to read the article you'd see near the end it says they plan to keep it on rival consoles

Paprika1502d ago

Currently at work so using my phone, browser wouldn't load it. I also said "if", other articles gave suggested how it could be pulled from other consoles.

dodo1011502d ago

Yes but what about the next game?

Kayant1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

"The software maker calculates it can boost Minecraft sales by expanding the number of game users through Microsoft’s position in video games and computers, and by expanding licensing for things like toys and movies, said one of the people."

"The company thinks that this kind of product, like its Office productivity software, has to be available with high-quality versions for multiple platforms, including those of its rivals, the person with knowledge of Microsoft’s thinking said."

Yep which makes the most sense now that I think about it. It will basically work like skype and would be more successful and bring in more revenue if they leave it as it is than closing it off to just Xbox and maybe PC and Windows Phone.

Edit -


Good point. If I were them I wouldn't make it exclusive it kills the larger potential of MC. MC has been successful on every single system it's being released on limiting the audience would be silly imo.

green1502d ago

I think they will keep Minecraft and all future versions on multiply platforms but there will always be features that would be exclusive to PC and XBOX. But all other IP's will be exclusive.

If they make it that way, then i can see the investment being a wise one.

Pogmathoin1502d ago

All console makers have done things like this throughout gaming history. MS does it and it is horrific???

tiffac0081502d ago

Even if MS purchased Mojang I believe they will keep it on all platforms. They did it with Skype. So this shouldn't be different.

vishmarx1502d ago

NOTCH will be leaving if the deal does indeed go down.
and minecraft will remain on all platforms regardless
so in the end its nothing but MS throwing money at nothing, classic MS

MrDreadnought1502d ago

And everything a PR says is undoubtly true, you really think a company like Microsoft, struggling for 1st parties and hardware sales, aren't going to pull off a stunt with a company that just cost them$ that's like 10 Destiny Games.

I believe if they manage to buy Mojang, they will use it to its advantage, and it is by promoting the home console.

XB1_PS41502d ago

I don't understand. Mojang made one good game. That's not worth $2 Billion dollars. Their other game is mediocre.

You know who is worth $2 Billion:

Bungie, Platinum, From Software, Epic Games, INSOMNIAC. Hell Sony would probably give up Naughty dog for $4 billion.

I think this is a supreme waste of money.

SilentNegotiator1502d ago

Yeah, but let's see how quickly they turn sequels into an Xbox temp exclusive, cut/slow content flow on other systems, etc.

dcbronco1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I've noticed Minecraft has become sort of a brand now and no longer just a game. There are toys, trading cards, clothes and backpacks. But I'm not sure it's worth that type of money because it is could quickly become a fad and people will move on. This is a bad move by the new management who I have questioned based on their early decisions. Two billion would have been better spent on developing more in-house games and keeping the studio open. One hit movie or show from an internal studio could bring in two billion while only spending a tenth of that. Contrary to what many believe, Xbox make a lot of profit. I'm curious to see if that continues with the kind of decision making coming out of Redmond right now.

Also, I'm sure there are plenty who will say Microsoft is a terrible company if they do this. I hope, though I know it is not the case, that you felt the same way when Sony bought one developer after another last generation. Your hypocrisy has no bounds.

user56695101502d ago

It's seems the theme on this site is everything is bad unless it has something to do with Sony. If it's bad news spin and make excuses why Sony is king. Buying a studio is now death to the industry because these devs made a successful game. But we constantly here how Sony should buy every dev team.

Kingthrash3601502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

So buying a single studio for 2bill....instead of investing and building SEVERAL new exclusive studios for less os a good thing. Smdh. I wonder how much it costed to start uo naughty guess...less than 2 billion dollars. I think more ms fans are pissed at this than anyone else.
Ms cant continue to throw money around in the gaming industry. It works in the pc software/internet world. In the gaming world its more about the passion for gaming. The best games come from thos who have a passion to make them.
Look ar bought rare. EVERYONE LEFT. all ms has is the name RARE. That is why you dont see rare games..the devs moved on to other studio's. The same will happen here, they will own the name but the talent will leave.
Are ms's biggest games. Both of which the talent has left and been replaced. Halo 4 is proof that talent cant be bought...gears is next.
This is a trend that ms needs to stop. Its not helping them at all.
Right now they are continuing this trend and paying 2bills for it. Investors may not be pleased.

AliTheSnake11502d ago

This is actually a pretty good investment from Microsoft, watch them make Minecraft 2 and make tens of billions.

SoapShoes1502d ago

It's another Rare... If they do buy it the founder leaves. Not a good sign.

harrisk9541501d ago


Yep... surprisingly! From the article:

"Minecraft was made available for the newest generation of consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, earlier this month. Microsoft, if it completes the deal, will keep the game available for rival products, said two people familiar with the company’s plans."

If they are keeping it on PS4 and other competing platforms, then $2 billion might actually makes sense: Minecraft 2 on PC, XBox, Playstation, Nintendo, Android, iOS, etc.... with game sales, DLC, merchandising (t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc.), and even talk of a theme park, we are talking about potential profits in the billions.

PrinterMan1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

And you believe Microsoft why? Because of their past history? They are turning a new leaf? I don't think so. MS buys stuff so they can monopolize on it. Done soooo many times already Somehow, someway MS will give someone the middle finger.

ThatOneGuyThere1501d ago

future iterations/sequels and DLC? not so much..

Gamer19821501d ago

Its madness though they will never make that 2 billion back the games sold 50 million on consoles lifetime. Say they release Minecraft 2 and make it an xbox exclusive they will limit it to the 5 million minecraft fans on xbox (from 360 sales) 5 million at £10 minus production costs will never make them there money back no matter how much dlc you add to it.. Also Notch is leaving once the deal goes through..
I really don't get this deal at all it was like when they bought nokia and decided to limit it to windows and the nokia brand almost choked completely. This is why MS are falling apart not Xbox sales.. Stupid decisions like this.. Facebook buy the future of VR for 2 billion and MS buy a 10 dollar game..

Nivalis1501d ago

Yeah, that's totally going to be a level playing field right?, when they can let the competitions versions lag behind and ship the latest and greatest for their console only, then push updates to a third party porting company when they feel like it's been long enough.

TheSaint1501d ago

@jackanderson Doesn't mean they won't ruin it. They'll make everything microtransactions and bleed it dry.

DeadlyFire1501d ago

Doesn't matter if they keep it on other consoles. They could easily shoot the other platform's versions in the leg and say play it best on Xbox.

UltraNova1501d ago

Why bother with the small fish? I say go for Activision and make everything exclusive to MS products. Or better yet let things as they are but intentionally make all games run/look better on Xbox !


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lelo2play1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Minecraft has peaked... it's not worth $2 Billion.

Imagine the number of 3rd party developers Microsoft could purchase for $2 Billion. I remember a few years back EA purchasing Bioware for $800 million... and Bioware is a much better developer then Mojang.

Letros1502d ago

They can still buy a bunch of third party developers...MS has $93 billion in overseas cash, this is just a useful way to purchase a money making product that people love(for some reason) that will boost their gaming/entertainment division.

OOMagnum1502d ago

True if your being short sighted and only looking at the gaming side with the first minecraft. When you take merchandising and tv royalties into account. Thats not even mentioning the sequel to the third most selling game ever (likely to be console exclusive on Xbox platforms), or even the lego deal their doing. To me its laughable to think they wouldnt.

OrangePowerz1502d ago


MS has that money, but not the Xbox division. They will still have to work with a budget.

Ju1502d ago

Isn't that scary, that with all that money MS is unable to actually "create" a product that people want? When was the last time MS actually launched a product that people actually want - other then their established brands where they reached some dominant market share? Interestingly creativity is usually achieved by smaller companies - as soon as billions are involved that drive is gone. The very same will happen to Minecraft - which has peaked anyhow. But hey, glad a couple of people (will) get rich...

lelo2play1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

It would be better (from a business stand point) if Microsoft purchased Bethesda or Rockstar... probably cost more then $2 Billion (??), but it would be a better investment and attract a lot more gamers to the X1.

For this amount of money, is Minecraft 2 ready to be be released in the near future?

ThatOneGuyThere1501d ago

I could be wrong, but minecraft peaked a while ago didnt it?

alb18991501d ago

Just in 360 MC sold 13millions much is that?

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qwerty6761502d ago

they're doing both just like sony does

have you forgotten the new first party studios Microsoft announced earlier in the year? want me to list them?

but they're also actively looking to purchase studios like mojong, again just like sony does. Thy've clearly built up a relationship over the years and Microsoft sees the potential of the buying them out which Sony has done many times.

so people need to stop being hypocritical. theres no "ohh one is worse then the other" no its literally exactly the same in this situation. you build up relationships with studios and if both parties see the benefit of buying bought out you go for it.

also its all speculation, we dont even know the terms or plans or it could just be fluff. And im even hearing reports that Notch approached MS about a deal not the other way around.

Even if this is true. Please dont go around saying lies. MS has invested in ground up new studios that they announced this year. And both companies Sony and MS make acquisitions like this Mojong one all the time.

xavierbigdaddy19721502d ago

Please lust them. I am curious what studious. You are talking about

DonMingos1502d ago

I don't know where you got those reports from, because the reports that are around say that Notch will leave Mojang if it is sold to M$

LordMaim1502d ago

"which Sony has done many times"

Sony purchased studios that were making games that were released exclusively on their platforms because they had a long history of collaboration and mutual support.

That's not what I would consider the equivalent to finding an established multiplatform brand and buying out the studio to own it.

Jdoki1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

How many times can you type Sony in an article about MS / Mojang!!?

Please list the times Sony have spent 2billion, or even 250million on a third party!

the only times I can recall Sony doing something vaguely similar is when they made some 2nd party studios 1st party (like Sucker Punch) - but that was hardly the same as those developers were already exclusive

DOMination-1501d ago

New MS owned studios that are all making games exclusive to XB1

(Fun)ction Studios
Leap Experience Pioneers
NP Studios
Platform Next Studios
SOTA (State of the Art)
Press Play
Lift London

Gamer19821501d ago

LOL at this list
(Fun)ction Studios
Leap Experience Pioneers
NP Studios
Platform Next Studios
SOTA (State of the Art)
Press Play
Lift London
Bet you never see a single game from any of these on a disc exclusive to Xbox One. Half those studios are not even game devs. That page you linked to are Microsoft studios its true they started off as just game studios but now they are more than that they have studios dedicated to marketing, publishing etc..
Perfect example
Press play are a recording studio they certainly dont make games.
Lift london make smartphone and tablet games so they are certainly not developing xbox one games
So stop making stuff up and move along with these dumb lists. I could point out the rest of your list but i'm bored wiht you fanboys making crap up.

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C-H-E-F1502d ago

Wait so they'll spend 2 BILLION on Minecraft, but not 2 BILLION on new studios to make FRESH games? They don't trust their 1st party internal teams enough to expand them and have sub studios that work on different ips?? I don't get it, they must be buying intellectual rights to it as well. Because it's not going to sell 2 BILLION dollars worth just on Xbox unless they are pushing their stuff to PC as well and just cutting Sony out then hey, maybe. I just find this ridiculous another 3rd party buy out for Microsoft when they barely have good resources internally. Only cool game coming from 1st part is Quantum Break, and even that looks like it's warrant a single play through.

But hey, congrats Microsoft gamers, you have another indie studio under your belt for the Cost of several AAA game studio's. lOl

Volkama1502d ago

If they buy Mojang then of course that includes the Minecraft IP.

But I don't see $2billion value left in that either, and and stupid enough to just assume that their next game will be a similar success.

If the 2billion deal is real then there is something else cooking that we can't smell yet.

Samsara821502d ago

yeah plus we don't know if Mojang is not working on another game other than Cobalt which they are colaborating with another studio. Maybe Microsoft knows something we don't about the studio...I wouldn't call the 2 billion deal good if it was simply for one game (even though it's very popular)

gangsta_red1502d ago

This is what I don't understand...Why is it that just because MS is in talks to buy a studio most here ASSUME that MS isn't spending money on their own 1st party studios?

It's like all of a sudden everyone has forgotten past articles of every single MS 1st party studio working on a game for Xbox One. And how about when Phil said that they are investing over a billion in game development for their Xbox brand.

It's hilarious that whenever news comes out about MS we get the same excuses to knock them down:

"MS needs more games!"

MS announces more games

"MS shouldn't buy exclusives but make their own games!"

MS announces their own exclusives.

"MS needs more 1st party studios"

MS buys more 1st party studios

"MS should invest in their own 1st party studios"

Every MS 1st party studio is currently working on a Xbox game.

Your camp flip flops to one excuse to the next all the while pretending that Sony never invests or bought a well established studio of their own.

And maybe, just maybe Mojong is working on something we don't know about that is worth the 2 billion MS might be spending to acquire the dev. I am sure Minecraft made more than 2 billion in sales alone so maybe this next one might be worth it.

And who knows maybe they are working on a Minecraft 2? Maybe this sequel will be a direct response to No Man's Sky.

But naaaw, lets not think any deeper lets just RAGE on MS for acquiring game studios to make games for their system. That makes perfect sense!

christocolus1502d ago

“Wait so they'll spend 2 BILLION on Minecraft, but not 2 BILLION on new studios to make FRESH games?”

Yet they announced 5 new 1st party studios just last month

Fun,sota, n, platform next,lxp etc 21/new-microsoft-first-party-st udios-outed/

There is nothing wrong in aquiring new studios, opening new ones,investing into old ones and working on more 2nd and 3rd party exclusives. They can because they can afford to.

@gangsta red

Your comment is spot on.

ThatOneGuyThere1501d ago

they want minecraft 2 to be exclusive. period.

sinspirit1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )


I'm sorry. I must have missed all the new IP's and top notch sequels with more content and better story and gameplay than their predecessors. Instead I am seeing a poor Fable spin-off, a not so Halo like generic action movie in the form of a Halo game, Forza with less of everything, even Forza Horizon 2 seems like the same game as last time but less cars, Quantum Break doesn't seem like it has any real plot and just a nice engine and a twist on the Clockstoppers movie. And, how much have they been prioritizing paying 3rd party developers for generic exclusives just to have a higher number of games and how much of the money has been put into advertisement and timed exclusive content rather than actual new IP's and small studios looking for a breakout into the game scene with fresh ideas?

gangsta_red1501d ago

@ sinspirit

Wait, Xbox One hasn't even been out on the market for a whole year and you are really expecting to see all that now?

Yea, once again someone putting unrealistic expectations on a certain company while the other does the exact same thing and slides by unscathed.

"has been put into advertisement and timed exclusive content rather than actual new IP's"

Maybe you missed the past stories and where I even stated and said every studio is working on a game for Xbox. Where Phil said they are investing in new IP's. You expect all these announcements to brought to you all at once during the first six months of a consoles launch? Seriously?

And ONCE AGAIN, I just looove the N4G assumption and business mentality that because MS is buying exclusives and advertisements that MUST mean they are not spending any money on new IP's. Please show me the reports and financial data that supports your found facts please.

It's like MS can't budget multiple things at once...that's just crazy talk. Since MS bought Tomb Raider that means there's a studio totally not working on anything.

" IP's and small studios looking for a breakout into the game scene with fresh ideas?"

WHAT!?! Have you seen the MANY games coming to Xbox from smaller devs like Below, Cuphead and Ori? How can you say that statement? I swear the misconception around N4G is beyond hilarious that I actually think it's satire.

"And, how much have they been prioritizing paying 3rd party developers for generic exclusives just to have a higher number of games"

Wow, now we have a problem with Xbox having a higher number of games people. Before it was MS doesn't have enough games, now there's a problem with having a higher number of games. I'm sure gamers are very upset with having more choices of games to play for their Xbox..BAD MS, BAD!
And the super bitter statement of "generic exclusives" is hilarious. Yea, let's take your "opinion" seriously.

sinspirit1501d ago


So, you are waiting on X1 to justify your statement? Or is their past history somehow reminiscent of hope for the brand based on how much they haven't been progressing with their exclusives and how much they've been trying to get hits at competitors with timed 3rd party deals rather than with 1st party new IP's?

An open development for indies last generation, was closed for this generation until market backlash. Microsoft hardly reached out to developers. They all reached out to Microsoft just to be published like any other game. So, Microsoft spent no money and resources to find new games. And, they certainly didn't pursue any of their own new IP's.

Okay? So, you continue to use the "Microsoft can still spend more money elsewhere!" excuse. Where was this spent last generation? Where are the results? Very few games.

Maybe you should learn to understand context. Microsoft hasn't been pushing for new IP's or worthy sequels. The only driving force behind XBox has been to acquire 3rd party content so other platforms don't get it, if only for a period of time, and to make something, we'll pay for it, but we have no idea what you should do with it so just do something. Halo 4 was an insult to the franchise. Forza hasn't been progressing. Fable has dwindled to a spin-off game. Ryse had no direction. Dead Rising 3 was rushed and too much like the last games.. All of their biggest games are over-saturating the market or just don't exist anymore, at least not as they once did. They haven't come up with any new ideas, or am I missing something? Quantum Break is the closest thing to a new idea, but it so far looks like a generic action thriller, so it's not like you can latch onto it as an excuse for a new IP.

Seriously, Nintendo has been reusing IP's for decades but you can see they still make fresh adaptations and twists on them, while still releasing great new original AAA IP's. Microsoft doesn't have direction, hasn't released any GOOD new AAA IP's for years, hasn't been revitalizing their own franchises but has simply been milking everything out of them, and they keep relying money wars because so far they have yet to find a passionate enough professional to bring fresh ideas to the table. May I be wrong with X1? Maybe. But, how likely is that?

Faith isn't enough to warrant an argument about what they have been promising for X1, when we have no results yet, and the past results of their past promises have been dreadful.

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richie007bond1502d ago

Yeah sure but if it was Sony it would be amazing right lol

MaxKingoftheWild1502d ago

No, it would be just as retarded. Maybe even more so. Do you realize how long it would take to recoup the investment? Minecraft hasn't even made a billion in revenue yet.

DOMination-1501d ago

Its sold 55 million copies plus merchandise. I'm sure the revenue is pretty substantial

MaxKingoftheWild1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

DOM - 55m with half of that being 7 dollars. And ps360 sales are more than PC sales. Is it substantial? Sure, is it above 1billion? Not even close.

And let's not get too hung up about it. That's just revenue. Profit is long ways off

sinspirit1501d ago


21M copies x $7 = $147M.

800K(PC/Mac) alpha copies x $13 = $10.4M.

2M(PC/Mac) beta copies x $19 = $38M.

13.3M(PC/Mac) MC 1.0 copies x $27 = $359.1M.

12M(x360) x $20 = $240M.

6M(other platforms so far) x $20 = $120M.

So far, 914M from MineCraft sales alone. This doesn't count console DLC or merchandise. They are clearly on their way to 1 billion from licensing, merchandise, DLC, timed exclusive deal for Xperia Play, timed exclusive deal for 360, etcetera. This doesn't count for Mojang's future titles that are sure to be hits and make plenty of money, just from how popular the studio is how few costs they have for their studio.

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ABizzel11502d ago


Why, if they're willing to pay to acquire the developer then by all means it's fair game.

I think it's ridiculous to spend $2 billion on a single developer in the hopes that they strike gold again, or in the hopes that Minecraft continues it's success with sequels. I'd rather spend $2 billion and buy 4 or more mid tier developers and ave them co-develop games with our first party, so that eventually they're able to developer exclusives on their own hopefully adding 4 new franchises to our catalog, than simply having Minecraft exclusive.

And that's the problem I have with MS thinking. They only want to bet on sure things, like COD, Assassin's Creed, Minecraft, etc... They spend money on 100% sure bets, and things that are proven or seem highly popular among the gaming community, but the best things to me are those that are complete surprises out of left field, and generally speaking those games come from non 3rd party publishers who have the creative freedom to experiment with various ideas.

Those are the developers MS needs to be looking at, which is exactly what Sony is doing. Those developers provide you with a diverse genre of exclusive IP's instead of simply having timed exclusive DLC.

Macdaddy711502d ago

Little thing called business my friend!!! Look like u will buy a X1 to play it so sad

Legion211502d ago

From what I've read Notch initiated the talks.

Gamer19821501d ago

Yeah seems hes finally bored of minecraft hes tried his hand at 2 other games but they have not been anywhere near the quality of your general indie let alone minecraft he knows he is a one hit wonder and he wants to cash out while the irons hot and who could blame him?

Hardcore_gamerxbox1502d ago

As much as Xbox fans getting abused by Sony fan boys everywhere on Internet that will be good slap in their face btw if it happens I was wondering what Sony fans gonna say about it first thing they gonna say who cares about minecraft it's rubbish and second thing it's gonna be we got this game

PrinterMan1501d ago

Okay...I'll bite...Minecraft is rubbish! I honestly don't get the attraction but I know I'm in the minority, so this deal (whatever it turns out to be) does not matter to me. However, typical MS. Hey that looks good, let's buy it. Such a knee jerking company of late. And yes MS has started some 1st party studios just like Sony the difference being...

Sony; This company has a great idea let's buy/fund them.

MS; Holy crap, we're in trouble we'd better buy/fund something.

Again, total knee jerk out of desperation not desire.

xtremexx1502d ago

lol unless, your Sony Laptop is running OSX you arent avoiding Microsoft in the slightest.

PrinterMan1501d ago

Don't forget Linux! MS can be avoided if you choose to.

christian hour1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Ensemble studios among others say Hello. Any time MS buy a company they tend to ruin them in to obscurity, or a former shadow of what they used to stand for, Skype being a very recent example.

If Microsoft buy Mojang then you can expect their future titles and releases to be very close-ended and full of dirty money making tactics. One of the great things about minecraft on PC is its openness, and the constant updates to the core game.

That won't disappear from vanilla minecraft if they buy Mojang but it will definitely not be a present ideology in any and all future titles, and they'll prob force development on a minecraft 2 that will boast new technical features to lure in buyers but will be lacking in all the magic that made the game in the first place (kinda like what the sims has become from sims 2 onwards)

Hopefully this is just a rumor. Mojang needs to be bought by a company that has an open-source ideology at its core. As bad a name Google gets these days at least they believe in open-sourced products and letting a community have control, so I think if anyone should buy em I'd like it to be Google or someone else with a mindset for open-source and transparency.

VealParmHero1502d ago

MS is not looking to such a company simply to force people to buy xbox one. They simply want to control it and gain more profits. It's a smart business decision, one which Sony could never afford. MS would still sell minecraft on other platforms, as this would gain them the most profits.

We are not talking about a few million bucks to get a start up dev under your roof and hoepfully pull a few extra console sales in. This is big business. Stop whining, please.

Kidmyst1502d ago

This is what MSFT does in the PC world and now gaming is buy successful things up. They don't come up with their own ideas, so they buy up others.

3-4-51502d ago

* 2 Billion - Congrats to them.

Notch & whoever could take that and create a new Minecraft that competes with the old one. lol

bandit9051502d ago

its just business, survival of the fittest sony would do that same thing just has deeper pockets then sony, if comcoast can do a monopoly with cable, then microsoft can do it with gaming....

Magicite1502d ago

biggest waste of money since ever.