Why Microsoft Should Abandon Japan

Microsoft is better off leaving the Japanese market all together since there is clearly not enough interest in the Xbox brand.

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Mikelarry1502d ago

23,562 in its first week is more than enough reason to just say F IT WE OUT!!!. i cant not for one sec believe they are making any sort of profit from that market.

MightyNoX1502d ago

Indeed. Marketing, shipping, localization as well as moneyhatting things like 5pb's work all cost money.

Now I'm waiting for the PR. You just know they're praying for China to save them.

strangeaeon1502d ago

You seriously need to get a life and stop trolling Xbox One articles.Did MS kill your family or something?

darthv721502d ago

JP (lately) does not seem to have the same impact on console gaming as it used to. But it still represents a market that should be addressed regardless.

ITPython1502d ago

Profit? Not much, if any. However whatever units they sent over to Japan adds to their 'Shipped through' numbers, which may be worth it to them.

Heck for all we know MS shipped 1 or 2 million consoles over there just so they could pad their "sales" numbers.

pinkcrocodile751502d ago

Japan is circling the drain right now.

Japan is not the gaming zeitgeist it once was.

It's time to push Japan off of it's pedestal and treat it like any other country.

Septic1502d ago

I think Japan abandoned Microsoft.

Bathyj1502d ago

Damn, that's cold dude.

But "abandon" implies they had some sort of allegiance to them in the first place.

C-H-E-F1502d ago

Have you seen that video when the people in Japan didn't even know what an Xbox was? lOl They said Playstation or Nintendo lOl. I'm on my way to work can't find the link now.

Septic1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Haha yeah. There's a gif on it (see below). Shocking really. At this stage, even if the X1 had insane games and Shenmue 3 exclusive, I think the console would tank. Like I've said before, the Xbox simply doesn't belong in Japan.

The only positive is we will get a couple of good Japanese based games.

C-H-E-F1502d ago

Yeah, that's the one bro. and yeah agreed. They should just focus on their main markets because focusing elsewhere is going to hinder them more than anything. Also, how are they buying Minecraft devs. for 2Billion that's insane. They really plan on digging their own grave.

Bennibop1502d ago

Its a real dilemma for them, would they get the support of Japanese developer if they have no Japanese presence?

ElementX1502d ago

The Xbox has never done well in Japan however they still release Japanese developed games for other markets.

Bennibop1502d ago

True but they never stopped selling xbox in Japan.

Septic1502d ago

"Its a real dilemma for them, would they get the support of Japanese developer if they have no Japanese presence?"

No they won't. Why would Japanese devs even bother? I sure as heck wouldn't waste my time and money developing a game on a platform that is scarcely relevant in my primary territory.

MS have the difficult choice of gambling (once again) by opening up their wallets and money hatting devs in an attempt to get them to cater for their platform. Even then, they have an uphill struggle even selling those games.

Best way forward for MS now? To focus on some HuGE killer ip's that Japan would definitely lap up. Expect some major money hatting to happen (to the behest of many gamers out there).

MrPink20131502d ago

Xbox ID can help smaller developers and perhaps we may see some unique Kinect supported games. Other than that there's no point in Microsoft spending money trying to acquire games like they did on the Xbox 360 unless those games appeal to gamers outside of Japan.

I do believe Microsoft still needs some sort of presence there. Capcom, Namco, Square and so on still have games Xbox owners outside of Japan want.

GodGinrai1502d ago

"No they won't. Why would Japanese devs even bother? I sure as heck wouldn't waste my time and money developing a game on a platform that is scarcely relevant in my primary territory."

I disagree. The state of console gaming in japan is the reason japanese devs need to look to the west to sell their games. At a time when big companies like capcom and sega are posting losses, its pretty obvious,japan is no bed of roses for triple A console games, right now. Why they need to do is reassert dominance in the US and the UK, renew their focus on the EU and emerging markets like china, and then push those japanese games out to the wider world wide audience. This is far more beneficial to japanese developers in the long run.

mcstorm1502d ago

I don't think MS should abandon Japan but I do think they should look at brining back so IP's that Rare has rights too that would sell well over there and also look at have a ravel to Mario and LBP (Project Sparks could be this) Also Microsoft is kind of starting form scratch with the Xbox one as the last head of the xbox division did not do a very good job as selling the xbox ideas or brand very well.

I think Phil will also help improve the Xbox image in Japan but I do think it may get pushed back so he can work on getting the UK and US markets stronger then work on the rest.

The games industry is a funny market and just because something starts off bad dose not mean it can not get better and just as we saw last gen anything can happen.

CBaoth1502d ago

Oh please MS is NOT starting from scrath. It's their 3rd console in 13 years. I appreciate your optimism but the actual math presents a very dire situation:

1st week sales
Xbox - 123,000
360 - 63,000
XB1 - 23,000
Those numbers should be opposite.

You can't blame previous management either. They obtained several, high profile exclusive JRPGs from the likes of Mistwalker, Square, and Tri-Ace. They got high profile action games from Capcom. It didn't help in the end.

I'm not sure there is an easy solution. The console market is shrinking in Japan so the acquisition of a large publisher makes little sense. Perhaps that's why MS is rumored to be buying Mojang and not Capcom. I will say it's going to be interesting watching the Asian market this gen and see how much it impacts the overall landscape.

Eonjay1502d ago

Tri-Ace... what are they up to these days, I need another Star Ocean.

CBaoth1502d ago

Didn't they just release a new ARPG for the Vita, Judas Code? And I believe they're developing PS Nova as well for Sega.

But yeah I want a new Star Ocean too.

Blues Cowboy1502d ago

Nope. In Japan, the Xbox never sells well, but it's seen as a 'hardcore' games machine for connoisseurs. That's a niche market for sure, but one that tends to spend big and at the very least make it worth releasing key titles in limited numbers.

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