Destiny boosts PS4 sales; MS offers flimsy excuse for guarding sales numbers

MWEB GameZone writes: "While Sony is celebrating it's continuing good fortunes with the launch of Destiny, Microsoft offers feeble excuses as to why it's no longer revealing it's consoles sales figures."

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lord zaid1500d ago

No one really. But would have then rather just ignored the question. I think every gets why MS isn't showing the numbers. It makes them look bad. But to say the sales up till no matter? In the words of Aaron Paul:"Bitch, please?"

MightyNoX1500d ago

They should just shut up and not try to downplay the situation. It's when they offer stupid excuses like "This the pre-season! Derp!" the ends up biting them later on when they lose.

Gaming1011500d ago

"Dear Investors, we didn't get a significant sales boost, so to prevent you any discomfort, we will purposefully neglect to report on it so you don't get discouraged and do the unthinkable, like sell our stock and buy Sony stock"

~ Schmuck Executives at Microsoft

ChronoJoe1500d ago

I was in the cue at midnight for this game on PS4, about a third of the people attending were picking Destiny up alongside a white PS4.

I'd say about another third were getting it for XBOX ONE, then another third were getting the regular or Vanguard PS4 versions of the game.

I didn't see anyone pick up an XBOX ONE console, with the game.

Boody-Bandit1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Yet last generation Aaron Greenburg blew up twitter continuously regardless of what time of the year it was over NPD numbers, spin worldwide figures with how many sniper shots were fired in COD, dlc was downloaded, hours played on XBL, etc and so on. Now this generation he is mute and comes up with lame excuses as to why.

If MS has even one solid week of sales over Sony he will once again run to twitter and start blowing it up. I'm wondering if it will happen when MCC is released but I have my doubts that is will cause a significant boost in sales if TitanFall and Destiny didn't. They are both brand new IP's from AAA portfolio developers. So I don't see how an enhanced version of older Halo games will cause much of a dent in consoles sold. It might have been different if all the older Halo games were remastered for with this generation graphics.

Than again if MCC doesn't give MS a significant boost, even if short lived, what will? Aaron is right on one front. This holiday season will be very telling. Personally I think MS has to make a significant move whether it's a sizable price drop or a substantial bundle significantly discounted.

They have to do something to stay in this because right now Sony isn't walking away with it. They are running away with it and Sony hasn't really released any of their big guns yet. Next year Sony has probable AAA games coming out every 6 to 8 weeks next year. MS has to find a way to increase sales or hope Sony somehow starts to slow down. If not by this time next year I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Sony is ahead 3 to 1 worldwide vs their current ratio of 2 to 1.

Kribwalker1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )


Lol, sell MS stock for sony stock. The only thing making sony money is playstation (even though as a company they aren't making any) . If it wasn't for that, their losses would be twice the size. Yet the xbox is one of the only things not making microsoft boatloads of cash. You would be foolish to trade MS stock for sony stock based off of video game performance when one company has posted 1 quarterly loss in it's history and one has lost big the last 5+ years

Just for those of you that question what I said. I know I will get a tonne of disagrees for showing the truth. Whatever

XBLSkull1500d ago

Ridiculous headline purely to spark flame wars. How did this article get approved?

bouzebbal1500d ago

from the marketing manager of xbox? damn i never thought they would dare!

dcbronco1500d ago

There is no doubt they are hiding the numbers because they are bad. The thing that is most funny is that we've seen this poor tactic before. With Sony regarding Blu-ray. I'm sure some of the same people criticizing it now, couldn't seem to get it when it was Sony hiding bad numbers. But as I said with Blu-ray the numbers must be terrible. I was right with Blu-ray. Though I don't believe One is doing as bad, it still has to be pretty dismissal.

guitarded771499d ago

Boody-Bandit is so right. God I got sick of the numbers game. I think the numbers game is crap no matter which side it's from. I want all good gaming companies to be healthy and making great games, but this numbers argument, chest thumping BS is lame.

Benchm4rk1499d ago


I seen 1 guy with a new Xbox One standing in line just before midnight to get Destiny. I cant comment on how many picked up the White PS4 Destiny bundle as I was first in line and rushed straight home to play my copy. I did notice however that the queue for xbox was a little bigger then the playstation one. Even the manager mentioned that they had a few more pre orders for the xbox one version. But my local EB games is probably in a minority there.

UltraNova1499d ago


Although what you wrote is based on reality, in some sense, I cant help by remind you since you obviously forgot the fact that this here aint Bloomberg its N4G.

To say we don't give a shit about stock prices and shareholder happiness index doesn't begin to cover it.

So please give it a rest, thanks.

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Mikelarry1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

its Aaron Greenberg who made that comment... im out, waste of my time.

Tony-A1500d ago

I don't see why you guys are freakin out, MS is just doing what any college student would do. Not look at their bank account because the amount they know they'll see is either really low or in the negatives. hahaha

geddesmond1500d ago

We all know when a week comes up that X1 outsells the PS4 there will be tweets all around. Even if that happens outside holiday season. MS should step their game up or give the X1 another price cut. 250 euros did very well for the Wii.

kenshiro1001500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I want to feel bad for Microsoft but they brought this on themselves.

Anyways, congratulations to Sony.

Oh, and Kribwalker, that's a Motorola article. Not sure what Motorola has to do with Sony financials but whatever makes you sleep better at night.

Everyone knows about Sony's financial situation, but they are gradually getting out of it. That doesn't mean their gaming division isn't thriving. Btw, if Sony wasn't making money, they'd be out of business already.

You're not an investor so stop pretending that you are.

OldDude1500d ago

Sony's stock/debt-rating is rated "junk" by Moody's as of Jan 2014. However they have a market cap of $20.23 billion so they are liquid and as such have been parting with assets, divisions (the loss leaders)and of course massive layoffs to improve their financial position.

Stock price went as high as $21.94 per share in a 52 week period and is currently $19.38

And I am an investor.;...

kenshiro1001500d ago

Stop downplaying their success with their financials.

They're not going out of business anytime soon.

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MysticStrummer1500d ago

OldDude, do you buy products based on the stock prices of the companies that make them?


People clearly want what PS4 is offering more than they want what XB1 is offering. That could change in the future, but your entire stock price comment is meaningless unless it's purpose was to make XB fans feel better in some vague way.

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DLConspiracy1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

The only bundle available is pushing the only console offering it? Blown away. Who could have fortold this insane anomaly in basic mathmatics? Haha

To be fair I did see quite a few people buy a few Xboxs yesterday when i went in to pay off my copy of Destiny.

plut0nash1499d ago

It's hardly a surprise but makes me wonder how well the XBO is really doing.

bennissimo1499d ago

Who cares? The X1 will be getting the far better game in Halo: MCC.

SonZeRo1499d ago

Really not surprised, MS has always been sketchy with sales numbers when something doesn't take off aswell as they would have liked (most companies are)

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HoldenZA1500d ago

Judging from some comparison videos, I can see why people are going for Destiny on PS4....looks prettier :)

schmoe1500d ago

who are you and what have you done with Holden??

nosferatuzodd1500d ago

oh my god HoldanZA has seen the light i cant believe this welcome brother lets us drink and celebrate you spoke the truth

Jumper091500d ago

It looks the same on both lol

CongoKyle1500d ago

RIP Xbox. In all seriousness though most of the streamers for Destiny were on PS4, ranting about the games graphics apologizing to viewers that the stream goes as high as 720p with their capture cards.

Sillicur1500d ago

Lol at Microsoft's response haha

Relientk771500d ago

I wanna hear their winter response

"Everyone is snowed in/its too cold to go out and buy game systems"

Sillicur1500d ago

Hahaha that would be funny and sad at the same time

HanzoHattori1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

They'll blame slow sales on snow flakes, blizzards, and frigid temperatures before they admit they need to provide more support for the gaming side of the console instead of focusing on apps. They just don't get it. No one buys a "video game system" to watch television shows and movies for 2 to 6 hours a day. I don't even think Microsoft fans can admit that to themselves.

The_Eternal_one1500d ago

Rofl that someone used Zaire aka nxtgen720 Xbox fanboy presidents pic and made up new name Lieaire to ask that question to Aaron Greenberg.