The Problem with the Internet is… it’s Spoiling Destiny

AusGamers has made a post about the already-heavy amount of guides and potential spoilers for Destiny they think players should be weary of and writes:

"We should consider the experience, this early on in its life a shared exploration of a new world; we’re all Guardians with the same goal in mind. The ubiquitous and clearly evil Darkness needs to be pushed back, and we should all band to together to this. We should ride the frontier as a posse on our sparrows soaking up the experience in interactive form -- what we should not be doing is pressing down on the D-Pad, jumping out of the game and looking up for guides for, well, anything. At least not yet."

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Flamingweazel1551d ago

Spoil what???? The story is gibberish and garbage, nothing to spoil. It's defend ghost against a horde over and over.

DoctorFry1551d ago

I agree, the story is terrible. The whole game is "meh" overall.

mediate-this1551d ago

Its a fukl fledge atory with full fledge cutscenes, even when you play with friends it shows your character on your screen. Its just like halo when you played coop on original xbox, its done good

hay1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I like those one dimension points of view like the author of the article is suffering from. They do not write that the Internet is the next best thing after the wheel because it makes games like Destiny possible.

Noo, the internets are spoiling what they are providing. Because a unit is incapable of filtering information on its own, them internets should do it for the unit.
Them internets should ration them information. Should read our minds and web content should be filtered in what we want and what not at the same time while we think only about what we want.

BABYLEG1551d ago

Can someone explain to me what campaign is about? Are there cutscenes and Cray shit.. Like teammates backstabbing you or double crossing

n4rc1551d ago

Seemed to have a bit of a story at the beginning.. But other then a short scene kinda leading up to Venus, can't even recall any story or cut scenes.. Lol

I'm enjoying it more as I play it.. Only using guides for the gold chests..

Funantic11551d ago

Thanks for having your own brain and not believing in the over hype of Destiny. The game is the worst disappointment of 2014.

Magnes1551d ago

And that's your opinion here is mine. Game is great you can explore, PvP, play with friends, or just do story quests, if you dont find that fun better find another hobby.

Flipgeneral1551d ago

I think he means spoiling the experience. Ie. Finding all the loot crates, seeing how things work as opposed to learning by trial and error.

I was skeptical , but I'm having fun so far

Ghost_Nappa1551d ago

Destiny makes Diablo look like Mass Effect in comparison.

irokster1550d ago

What the hell does that even supposed to mean?

breakpad1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

agreed and bubble

breakpad1550d ago

agreed and bubble from me (cause you have only 1) s just super hyped COD with futuristic and RPG gimmicks

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SaffronCurse1551d ago

People trust reviewers to baby them on which games to get.

CorndogBurglar1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

This is the dumbest thing i've ever heard.

Yes, lets blame the internet for people's actions.

Better yet, lets blame the internet because you don't approve of the way other people choose to play a game.

Do i experience the game for myself before looking up guides online? Absolutely. If some chump wants to look up every little thing online on his first playthrough, thats on him.

_FantasmA_1551d ago

Not really. Play all of Earth and then you've seen all there is. Just repeat a few more times and your done. The beta gave everything away.

Rachel_Alucard1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

The part that pissed me off was when your character asks "Who are the awoken" despite the fact that you can play as one, it got worse when the awoken just pretend you are a human regardless if you are one of them and there is no special dialogue whatsoever to give you the distinction of you being a different race.

poppinslops1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Well, that's just lazy... Or was Dinkage so expensive that they couldn't afford to dub in a couple of extra lines to cover it?

Either way, that's a shame.
I would've eventully gotten this game, but that to me is a dealbreaker. You've gotta have immersion in an RPG!

mx1041551d ago

I thought the exact same thing when i was watching that cutscene. I was a little surprised but let down at the same time. I think the story is terrible but the gameplay is great

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