Fatal Frame Wii U overview trailer, TV spots

"Nintendo has released a five-minute overview trailer for Fatal Frame: The Raven Haired Shrine Maiden, providing a deeper look at the Wii U horror adventure game ahead of its September 27 Japanese release. "

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for we are many1589d ago

Nintendo would be doing a big mistake if they don't localize this game, beside it being one of my top favorite horror series (up their with old-school RE and SH), the central gameplay mechanic is perfect for the gamepad, it would be a great showcase for the Wii U and a an excellent exclusive to add to the constantly growing exclusive lineup on offer.

Loadedklip1589d ago

Agree ... looks great and uses the gamepad for it's gameplay.

Please anyone that wants this game in America or the West ... tweet to
@ReggieFilsNOA and @NintendoAmerica. Let them know you want this.