Havok physics engine is the backbone of Destiny's interactive world

MWEB GameZone writes: We last saw the power of Havok in inFAMOUS: Second Son and now in Destiny. The spectacular, interactive world of Destiny is made possible by Havok's Physics, Cloth and Script technologies.

Vehicle and environment collisions and the unique maneuvering abilities of the Sparrow (hover vehicle that can weave, bump and float) are made possible by Havok Physics. Havok Cloth is used to bring life-like motions to players' garments, capes and coat tails, making the player's interaction with the game world seamless. Havok Script was used in Destiny's early stages for planning and prototyping.

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GabeSA1502d ago

I think the important thing to consider is how you view that engine i.e. you can run it at full spec but do so on a 24" screen which doesnt nearly push out the required pixels to make it stunning visually, but the moment you do run it in all its glory, first hand experience showed me just how glorious this game (Destiny) looks.

plut0nash1502d ago

I think that has more to do with visual design than the engine. Most modern engines can scale up to 4k these days anyway - CryEngine, UE4, Frostbite.

Sillicur1501d ago

Definately, visual design is key to making games look great!

plut0nash1502d ago

One of the few games i've heard of using Havok Script. Interesting.

HanCilliers1502d ago

Was used in Battlefield 3, various Assassin's Creed games, BioShock, Dark Souls to name but a few

N4GDgAPc1501d ago

Havok is used by most developers out there. See that logo all the time in games. For many years. ps3/360 days but I believe it was there for ps2 days which I don't remember if that's true or not

Its been around for a vary long game.

Sillicur1501d ago

Yeh it has, I do believe it was not around for PS2 days though

ape0071502d ago

Havok physics engine is the backbone of Psiops's interactive world....that would make perfect since, 11 years ago....LOL

DoctorFry1502d ago

Nothing impressive, lol. The physics are rudimentary.

lameguy1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Destiny is a static world. All of the structures/objects are typical MMO tropes of being unmovable and indestructible for obvious reasons. There are few, if any, breakable objects like glass, lights, or thin walls in the game at all. In fact, there aren't even switches to interact with or bridges that can be raised/lowered by the player.

It's rather uninspiring overall.. Even the pretty clouds are fake -- they don't cast light/shadow on the geometry.

Volkama1501d ago

They aren't exactly a standout feature so far.

In fact I was running around the tower yesterday and a couple of players were 'kicking' around a ball of some kind. It was a fairly deep red sphere anyways, I don't actually know what it was supposed to be. The look and physics applied were... inconclusive. It looked like it should be a heavy material, but reacted like a poorly implemented beach ball.

PsylentKiller1501d ago

The ball is supposed to be act like a beach ball. They just didn't want it to look like one. There's a soccer ball as well if you want something a bit more weighted. But you're right. The physics aren't on the bleeding edge but they do make the game feel more alive.

Volkama1501d ago

Ah OK. It didn't really move like a convincing beach ball either. It lacked weight as it should, but a beach ball catches air resistence in a way that this object didn't.

None-the-less, it gave my a couple of minutes of joyous attempts to headbutt it.

Soldierone1501d ago

Still not a fan of the physics, but other than that they showcased a lot of new stuff the engine is capable of.

Pretty interesting to see Havok taking over while Unreal Engine is still sidelined for the most part.

HanCilliers1501d ago

I recon we going to see a lot more current-gen games making use of Havok

schmoe1501d ago

why would you not be a fan of physics os am i missing the point?

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