Kane's Wrath: "No Plans" for PS3 Release

In an interview with StrategyInformer, Command and Conquer: Kane's Wrath producer Jim Vessella confirmed there are "no plans" to release a PS3 version of the game. "We're currently focused on 360 development for Command and Conquer", said Vessella, "but we are investigating the PS3 for future developments."

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Scott_Steinberg3778d ago

"but we are investigating the PS3 for future developments."I see why not with the mouse and keyboard support.

360 man3778d ago

360 supports mouse and keyboard aswell

Drekken3778d ago

360 supports a keyboard... didnt think it supported a mouse.

Pp p3778d ago

Don't worry ps3 fan girls you lot will get the port of the xbox360

360 man3778d ago

360 has the memory to let rts games be played the way they were meant to be played, which is without slowdown wen there are loads of infantry on screen

ravinshield3778d ago

ps2.5 cant handle this game with its poor memory

Egzekutor3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

They simply dont want to release something that bad on a PS3. It would be a total letdown and underestimating for PS3. But its good for XBOX 360.. Well that the kind of graphics that 360 users would expect from their games.. Good. Ive got no problem with that..

Its going to be the same story as it was with BIOSHOCK.

BISHOCK was not released on PS3 early because it didnt look good enough. Not that improvements were made, they considered releasing it in October. The same will happen to this game, and other games.

So what if you have a bigger library of games, when most of them look just like this. Poor graphics and gameplay. Typical 360 game.

And one more thing, from cheap developers come cheap games.
Those devs probably dont know how to work with PS3 anyway ^_^.

Im not touched by their decision as this game is poor anyway.

Egzekutor3778d ago

PS3 is the preffered system.
You dont have to worry about RRoD. You wont be the lucky person and you wont have to send your consoles back all the time to repair. You also dont have to worry about the amount of space on the HDD, since SONY provided every users with enough GBs. If you feel you dont have enough, you can always upgrade to 500gb HDD. Which is Mission Impossible on Sh1tBox360. On PS3 you wont have to worry about controller getting broken or, something wrong with the wires which break very often like cheap toys.

PS3 is your ideal choice if you want to play at night without being heard. You dont have to worry about noise, and that your girlfriend will wake up and ask you if there was a plane flying by, when turning on the console.

You will find the best titles which are on PS3 ofcourse such as :

-Killzone 2
-Resistance 2
-Heavy Rain 3
These games are the most hot, and certainly not for XBOX 360 since it would automaticaly go RRoD when the disc is inserted. Again its too HOT.

Blu Ray is you number one choice when it comes to home entartaiment. High capacity disc makes space for every smallest detail in the movie or in games. In 2009-10 you will see the hottest titles ever coming to PS3 as exclusive. Why not for XBOX ? The main reason is the poor backward generation DVD drive.. Rockstart Houser has said that unfortunately GTA 5 might be too big for the DVD disc.

Enjoy smooth gameplay with mandatory installs which only take up about from 5-10 minutes. Play games without a single loading screen !
You probably know which title im talking about, if you dont then its Resistance 2.

Enjoy free ONLINE services provided by SCE. Whoever said that PSN is laggy, they definetely need to get their facts right. Almost all games use P2P in games, which means information travels from 1 player to another. Which means that its up to your internet connection if you will have laggy times. When you have a good internet connection then you dont have to worry about high latency.

Ever got tired of holding high weight objects for quite a long time ?
Yea .. That happens when im holding this big white brick in my hands.. It feels like a workout in the gym. Feel the SIXAXIS PS3 controller which is as light as a feather compared to the XBOX 360 controller.
You can enjoy those long hours in front of your massive HDTV. Without having too stretch your hands because they feel tired.

Play on a system that is reliable. Buy from a company which has been in the gaming business for years, and knows how to make GOOD hardware and provide their players with cool games.

Why wasting $43.99 on XBOX LIVE GOLD when you can play FREE online for an unlimited amount of time. Why would you pay for the game, then pay again in order to gain the right to play online ?? When you can play for free.

Microsoft is about only about money, they will digg into sh1t in order to get a dollar out of there. Thats all i have to say about their company and their unsuccesful console.

power of Green 3778d ago

PS3 is inferior with retarded over hyped titles.

Egzekutor3777d ago

Im not even going to count your comment because its what an 8 year old would write. You have no backup for your comments, you dont even describe why.

Its like me saying that BMW or Mustang is sh1t without driving it..

Your comments are pathetic.

And GTFO of here before i smoke you and your 8 year old xbot friends right here.