What Video Game Characters Do When You're Not Controlling Them

Yeah, video game characters are great when they're hopping, bopping, and shooting everything in sight, but the best reveal themselves when they're standing still. No, not like that, you pervert and also me after I wrote that sentence. Idle animations. I'm talking about idle animations.

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Serrafina1501d ago

That was awesome, lol. I really liked the finishing touch with Sonic instead of Diddy Kong. Sonic is like "I'm not going to waste my time. I'm gonna end it early." XD

M-M1501d ago

I remember laughing so hard when that happened to me.

GeofferyPeterson1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

They play with their Mushroom Kingdom.

TheGrimReaper00111501d ago

Huh, that adult Link was pretty nice detail (that it changed cause of his location)

I do like these kinds of details to games

In fact, bad as it may be, Bubsy 3D does some neat things when not playing :p

Newmanator1501d ago

No Crash playing with his Wumpa?