Best PS4, PS3, PS Vita Games Out Now September 2014

"Bungie's Destiny is this month most anticipated launch title on the PlayStation 4, but beyond the futuristic shooter we take a look at all the best games available on PlayStations Platform based on what the PlayStation community are currently buying and playing on their devices of choice."

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janetmarrett111594d ago

I have been really enjoying playing Diablo 3 and now i can mix it up with Destiny. Yay.

edwardhuff6631594d ago

I took the day off work to play Destiny today and it was so worth it.

henrythomas2841594d ago

I think a lot of people did. Waiting for the weekend to really test drive it with a few friends.

guitarded771594d ago

I worked, but do enjoy a day off for a new game from time to time. My next one will probably be for Bloodborne.

Man FFVII still at the top of the list for PS One Classics.

alvinmiller921594d ago

Finally the drought is over

ginalee5541594d ago

How did TMNT make the charts? what a huge waste of money and time.

charliewong9801594d ago

Good to see Phantom Breaker on Vita's top 10. Such an addictive game.

brettjones4941594d ago

Phantom Breaker is a great game.

EdnaJones971594d ago

Diablo iii dlc was way overpriced.

amyortega1311594d ago

Not worth the extra cost if you've already played it on the PS3.

lisamorgan41594d ago

I will have to check out Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster never got a chance to play it on playstation 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.