So, Gamers Acting Like Idiots is Somehow Metacritic's Fault?

Metacritic only posts what others have written. This website doesn't produce any content on its own. Hence, the blame is on the gamers when they produce immature garbage.

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latergator1498d ago

Metacritic is fine, you'll find trolling customer reviews on any site whether it be an Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, or even on ITunes. Metacritic is just a tool to help consumers make educated purchases or decisions. Personally I like Metacritic, though I always take reviews with a grain of salt (even the good ones), it helps me decide on what to purchase.

Foehammer1498d ago

I like Metacritic, the professional review part. I like to see an average of what IGN and others have scored. Some sites are way off, click bait, usually doesn't effect an average of near 100 reviewers.

The users scores, useless, less of a review and more of a vote from trolls. May as well have just 2 choices, 0 and 10. Some ppl are honest, but a lot are haters like a lot of the ppl on this site that say they don't like MS but show up on EVERY MS article.

yewles11498d ago

Uh... YES?!? THEY'RE the ones that came up with the option to have random people leave their input with little to no consequence, in an age where the practical internet word of law... is TROLL!!!!