StarCraft II Preview: The Shy Overseer by

The StarCraft II Overseer has been talked about, but never truly shown. have presented this shy beast in their StarCraft II Preview Series.

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SCFreelancer3777d ago

Interesting variation to the original Starcraft Overlord. Judging by the current setup the Overseer will still be useful both offensively and defensively but the way it is used changed quite a bit. Fact remains that they are both a vulnerability and a strength to the Zerg.

Leord3777d ago

Yeah, the upgrades for them are separate, which is a bit of a pain, but on the other hand, but on the other hand, they are like dirt cheap.

As he's upgraded to an Overseer (can't believe there are no more pics of it!), he's basically like a non-cloaked, pansered Observer, really. With the addition that he has the regular Overlord abilities, and will work like a sight beacon (increasing sight range if still).

darker3777d ago

Your description of "flying brain with extra eyes" seems pretty accurate, probably explaining a bit why no cameras love these guys either.

Leord3777d ago

Hahaha, right you are, I never thought about that!

Perhaps it's mostly a matter of that then!

That doesn't explain why there are no shots of the Swarm Guardian though... =P

Terrice3776d ago

My main concerned is that this would become a mandatory evolution for the Overlord, which makes the un-upgraded versions pretty much obsolete.

I mean, what advantages does the Overlord have to an Overseer? :)

For comparison sake, the Zergling and Baneling both have their differences, just like the Hydralisk and Lurker.

thehitman3776d ago

I always felt zerg had a like an impervious defence against cloacked units really not fair. They get overlords at jump and can stop any secret atks you want against them. Good thing on making it so you have to upgrade in order to become a detector.

Leord3776d ago

Yes, I totally agree, as the cloaking mechanic is very interesting, and such a waste to completely remove it for one race from before Tier 1 units =P

SCFreelancer3776d ago

While I agree that the original setup made cloaking against zerg almost completely useless I do wonder how this is going to work with the new Zerg static defenses. Only the WWI will tell I guess ;)

Wuushu3776d ago

Cool :) thanks for sharing this!