Top Ten Talking Trees in Video Games

GuG Writer, Steve Schoen talks about the top ten talking tree's in video games.

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GeofferyPeterson1499d ago

Lol, best article ever on N4G!

Srom1499d ago

haha thanks, but it isn't mine. It's one of the writers at Geeks Under Grace.

TH3BR3W1498d ago

I came in wanting to be like "Wtf this isn't news?" but then I remember it isn't another fan boy flame war article so I love it!

BTW I know they don't talk but I like the trees in mk9, I thought they were cool as hell in design.

Gravity_DoGG1498d ago

without looking I knew that Great deku tree was in therE, I mean it had to ^^

I never met Harold (Bob) from Fallout 3.. I must have missed out big time right there :(

masterfox1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Destiny who ?, hell with that talking trees is where the news is at :D