Destiny, My First 8 Hours Exploring the Universe

Cory from For the Love of Gaming writes:

When the beta hit back in July, I snagged myself a key, and played the beta for about 6 hours, and walked away with the same feelings I did with Destiny before the Beta, it will be good, but I just didn’t care. I decided to give Destiny a go, and picked up my copy for the Xbox One this morning, and have dropped about 8 hours into it. Here is my experience so far.

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themultitap1502d ago

I think like any game in a this kind of genre, it takes a while before you know or not if its clicks with you. Even after 8 hours you're sort of going off faith in the end game.

Dudebro901502d ago

Fun game. Earth is kinda boring though.

gamer4lifeyo1502d ago

I'm trying to find news that will convince me to go spend $60 on this game. After reading this he still doesn't know if he's gonna like it even after playing for 8 hrs. This game seems to be all hype. Which is a big bummer. I'l still wait for the reviews to come in, maybe that'll change my mind

darren_poolies1502d ago

I played a lot of the beta and I'm currently around 5 hours in now and am still really loving it. I think the hype kinda got too much for it but I was never that hyped about it in the first place so maybe that is playing a part. My biggest problem with it is the lack of set pieces, the fight with the scarab in Halo 3 is one of my favourite gaming memories but with this there is nothing liek that, it's just a lot of 'fight this wave of enemys then fight a slightly bigger guy withmore health'.

Bottom line is the game is overhyped as a lot of AAA games are but it is a lot of fun espeically with friends (it's also very pretty) and I would recommend it.

gamer4lifeyo1502d ago

I replied to you, but for some reason my comment below didn't, lol

Jdoki1502d ago

I think the pertinent questions, if you're still on the fence, are:

- Do you think you'd like a serious version of Borderlands 2 in smaller maps?

- Do you need a strong story campaign, or are you OK with having the story as a backdrop and 'living' in the world created?

- Do you like games like Diablo where the main driver is loot and character building, not story progress?

- Are you Ok with playing the same MP and PvE maps over and over again to get better loot?

I love playing PvP (which is extremely solid) to get rewards for my character (better gear) - and I don't normally like PvP. I love having the option of following the PvE story, or just going off in to the level and doing side missions (even though they are very samey and repetitive). It's also great to have exactly the amount of control I want over co-op. So I can just follow (or be followed) by another player(s) and do a few missions without ever actually grouping. But also having the option to make more structured groups and being forced in to grouping for some Missions; and eventually having to play with Friends to achieve the high end Raids.

I want to get better loot and customise my character with it. I want to explore. I want to get to those higher levels so I can go back to the noob zones and go down those tunnels and fight the lurking high level aliens that kicked my butt when I accidentally explored down there last time! :)

gamer4lifeyo1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )


I never did play with friends in the beta, this game seems like it is a must to have a good time with it. Thats why I'm still somewhat interested in it. I get paid next friday, plenty of time to think about it. Thanx for your helpful honest input, have a bubble :)

darren_poolies1502d ago

Thanks :) Yes it's much much better with friends although it is still fun on your own just not quite as much. Been playing a lot of the competitive mulitplayer this morning and that is pretty awesome I just wish there were some more inventive modes and the loot drop system is a bit annoying, I topped the leaderboard four times in a row and got nothing.