Grand Theft Auto V bundled with Bull Shark Card

A limited time sale is now available Grand Theft Auto V as the videogame is being bundled with a Bull Shark Card.

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Eonjay1501d ago

I sure we will hear about the next gen release date within the next week... Just a hunch...

mcep5f20091500d ago

I wonder how far out the next GTA release is. 4 or 5 years?

FlameWater1501d ago

Does R* seriously believe they will have any control of money on the pc version?

Audiggity1500d ago

I would imagine they've been working pretty hard on tightening the security of GTA:O similar to how MMO's with "real" economies have done so in the past...

If you have played GTA:O recently, the amount of fixes/tweaks/patches is all heading in the right direction.

It's still a bit too hard to make decent money in my opinion; but, I suppose that is their goal.