GTA V radio hosts post picture with Rockstar Games employee

Nathan Williams and Stephen Pope of Wavves, who host GTA V's vinewood boulevard radio, have uploaded a picture with a Rockstar Games' employee tagged "Meeting with @rockstargames went well?", further showing that the GTA V soundtrack will very likely be receiving an update for the game's re-release this Fall.

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poppinslops1501d ago

First Cara from Non-stop Pop and now these derps...

I guess that means all the stations are getting new material. Awesome!

More funk from Bootsy, more indie from Jorge, more Flylo from Flylo...


Hopefully he insists on the inclusion of 'Danger Zone'.

Gravity_DoGG1501d ago

I hope they make another ring of updated stations around the old ones. so that we can choose between them :)

FriedGoat1500d ago

I hope we have more JB smoove that guy is freaking hillarious, and not just on curb your enthusiasm.

Dee_911498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Have we ommmed yet FriedGoat?

Those are the DJs of Vinewood Blvd Radio wavves, my fav radio station ! Can't wait to hear the new music.

BattleReach1501d ago

More Los Santos (Classic) Rock Radio & Radio Mirror Park would be great!

poppinslops1501d ago

Yeah, Mirror Park especially had a few tracks that really grew on me. Nite Jewel and Feathers have become two of my favourites of late and there's a girl named 'Grimes' who'd fit right in amongst that bunch...

Speaking of girls (specifically LA girls) Hiam would be right at home on LRR... Still, K-Logg should be the priority.

Danger Zone in a jet while you hunt down those 'innocent' civilians... THAT'S gold.

wannabe gamer1500d ago

what...why would why do we want to see this.... it has NOTHIGN to do with gaming or anything, its just some dudes. who cares if they are devs. may as well have paparazzi taking shots of game devs if this is what news is these days

DaBeatSpecialist1500d ago

ALchemist also said in an interview with shade 45 last week that he was working on new music for Rockstar Games!