Games for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus coming from Disney, CD Projekt Red, EA, Epic

Game publishers producing titles for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus include Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive and CD Projekt Red, announced Apple's Phil Schiller during the phones' unveiling today in Cupertino, California.

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LightDiego1499d ago

iPhone is the favorite platform of Square-Enix nowadays, i will not be surprised if these fools announce the new Final Fantasy exclusively for IOS.

KonsoruMasuta1498d ago

Already happened.

Look up Final Fantasy: Agito for IOS.

gamerfan09091498d ago

People can crap on mobile gaming all they want, but these phones are getting stronger, way more graphically enhanced, and real publishers are starting to make games for them. I predict within the next 5 years we'll have phones similar to the PSP phone Sony did years ago that double as strong mobile gaming machines.

Scarfy1498d ago

But they still have one massive, massive limitation, and that is that the controller is also the screen. That means that you are constantly obscuring the play area as you interact with the controls.

It's all very well that BioShock has been ported to the iPhone, but the results are mixed - good graphics, but the gameplay has suffered. You can fit your hands around a controller nicely, with your fingers positioned perfectly over the sticks and buttons. Try holding a phone in a similar way and you'll quickly discover how impractical it is.

I imagine that at some point phones will introduce direct screen casting, to mirror the output onto a TV, at which point you'll simply be reinventing the console. Badly.

zeal0us1498d ago

This limitation can be overcome by buying a controller. Some controllers that are available for the mobile are small as the game boy micro.

Fishy Fingers1498d ago

With streaming tech ever improving. Give me either a decent 3rd party pad or dualshock drivers why would you ever need a dedicated handheld? Throw in a TV-out option, you have a fully fledged 'home console'.

Mobile tech is easily the fastest developing tech sector, Nvidias latest chipset providing PS3/360 visuals, within 5 years I wouldn't be surprised if high end phones/tablets are rivalling some current gen experiences.

Why people act against the promise of having outstanding gaming options in your pocket is beyond me.

LightofDarkness1498d ago

I've been saying this for years. And because the tech contained inside both consoles is already derived from mobile components, at least on the CPU side, I can foresee them catching up within thee years. The CPUs already fit inside tablets, and I imagine it would only take another 1.5 years to get that down to phone size once 14nm wafers are in use. Similarly I predict that the GPUs, which are already almost 2 generations old, will be able to produce the same performance numbers within 2-3 years. And with 3D stacking already starting to see production and consumer use in memory and storage, we will see 8GB RAM on these phones a lot sooner than you might think.

They don't have to be able to have touch screen controls, the Nvidia Shield tablet has a dedicated controller and HDMI out so you can play games natively or stream them from your desktop at home. Phones can do the exact same thing, they just lack the grunt as yet to produce the same results. All-in-one devices will replace a LOT of things soon, just as phones have replace dedicated music and video playing/streaming they will replace dedicated consoles for a vast majority of people.

Heck, they might even build this stuff into TVs.

KonsoruMasuta1498d ago

Phones will get stronger but most games won't take advantage of it.

As of now, phones have the power to do amazing things but developers don't care for taking advantage of the power. The main appeal to these games is they are cheap to make and they make a lot of money.

Developers know casuals aren't going to care for graphics.

Agent_hitman1498d ago

With MEtal API of Apple, developers can now create a console level AA titles. I bet Square enix is now planning to release a console like Final Fantasy game for iPhone 6..

LightofDarkness1498d ago

They could try, but they'll run into storage issues. Lest we forget, the iPhone 6 only has 128GB of storage MAX, and very few users will have that. A game like FFXIII will still take up about 25GB, that's nearly 1/5th of the storage on one game. Games with the fidelity of current gen consoles will require at least that much for AAA releases.

Plus, RAM is still an issue. The iPhone 6 will still only have 1-2GB RAM, which is not enough to contain current gen level texture and game data.