Sony, MS moving into Wii territory a good thing?

TVGB: "What I like about consoles is the diversity. I think you should be able to define what type of gamer you are, and based on that buy the console(s) that suits you. It's wrong if it doesn't matter which one you pick. It's hard enough already to choose between Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 and it doesn't get any easier if they both go on a Wii mimic-rampage. Don't get me wrong, competition is a good thing, and if a company is forced to make changes to remain in the game, it's fine. But changes don't necessarily mean plagiarism."

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pharmd3775d ago

i say innovate, dont replicate!

HighDefinition3775d ago

Do that, but move FORWARD technologically.

kewlkat0073775d ago

Bring it on, I wanna play these games in HD please.

It's evident the competition is more fierce, so everyone is looking over their shoulders.

ASSASSYN 36o3774d ago

I say some people can't handle competition and are scared of it in the gaming biz. Microsoft is doing the same thing sony, and nintendo has done. But, when it IS microsoft people cry foul. Microsoft had to either buy the rights or patent new technology to implement this controller. Copy or not they have the rights otherwise here comes a big lawsuit.

kewlkat0073774d ago

why it the dumbest idea when MS does some thing, but Sony it revolutionary.

NO_PUDding3774d ago

Becuase Microsoft still ened to rpove themselves, by doign soemthign revolutionary.

Nintendo did it with the NES, and now with the Wii and DS, they ahve extended the market entirely, with basic peripherals and ergonomic design. And once again revolutionary games. A hige risk and innovation within the market.

Sony did it with casual and core superb Games (by internal studios) as well as excellent peripherals, and the general accessibility of the PS3. Once again, creating an expensive media hub, and investing money in their first party is innovative and taking risks.

Microsoft entered half way throguh last generation, advertised the hell out of a certain game, then left very quickly. Came in this generation with hardware problems, and managed to advertise the hell out of the sequel and a few other brilliant (but not innovative) 3rd party games and now are doing fine.

All I have ever seen Microsoft do is drop cash, then run. I have not ever seen ONE innovation from them. No fanboy crap, becuase the games on the 360 are superb and although it's gonna need to pick up it's heels, so as to stay in the lead, the 360 has a better library. But, in all honesty, they have NEVER touched anything that is even remotely new or innovative, they wait for the other companies to tread the ground first.

That's why the companies are regarded differently.

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HighDefinition3775d ago

Some needs to stop that thing. It`s hurting the ACTUAL next generation, IMO anyway. For both PS3 and 360, w/o the WII or if it could do "somewhat" the same things as these systems, we would have ALOT more games.

I`m actually beginning to highly dislike that console.

Egzekutor3775d ago

Exactly, Wii actually copied the idea of Eye Toy.. all they added is a controller...

ChickeyCantor3775d ago

SO the eyetoy used IR =o.......
XD What idea? using movements inorder to trigger an action? its been going on way before eyetoy ;)

vlachomir3775d ago

...but it's something similar to the eye toy, just improved, something that Sony and Microsoft will do with the new control system.

ASSASSYN 36o3774d ago

Eye toy doesn't have accelerometers fool.

PSWe603775d ago

Sony. The reason why I bought a PS3 is for the GAMES, last time I checked standing on a balance board and simulated cooking are NOT GAMES. Keep the Wii with the kiddies and the old folks and leave the games to the gamers. Enough is enough

Smacktard3774d ago

"The reason why I bought a PS3 is for the GAMES"

Oh dear GOD. I lol'd HEARTILY.

hideo kojima3774d ago

LOL...That was one hell of a smackdown. PSwe60 must be cursing his luck of making such a dumb comment

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