FIFA 15 demo arrives on PS3; coming to PS4 'shortly'

GameZone: "Following the release of the FIFA 15 demo on Xbox and PC earlier today, EA Sports has announced that it is now available on the PlayStation 3 with the PS4 getting it "shortly"."

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affrogamer1504d ago

This is pretty dumb as EA seems like they're punishing PS4 owners smfh

philm871504d ago

Or it's just not ready.....

Ju1504d ago

probably...which makes you ask why EA's priority is everything else but the best selling console...???

ThePope1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Because they aren't a console manufacturer. Their priority is their products. Anything that is perceived as "negative" towards the PS4 is a company being stupid, doing a bad thing, or punishing PS4 owners. Grow up people.

Ju1504d ago

I'd think their priority is getting the best revenue from the product they make. FIFA14 sells the same numbers on PS3 and PS4 - with growth shifting towards the PS4. The PS4 is currently their biggest platform. I thought a publicly traded company would have a responsibility to their shareholders in maximizing their profits; this is the PS4 platform. Not doing so is against their own best interest. Makes me wonder why?

mochachino1504d ago

Either way, it's clear that PS4 last on its list of priorities.

DesertFox791504d ago

Oh what a surprise !! EA games on PS4 is a joke !

TheBreezyBB1504d ago

I think they are a bit bitter, because Sony didn't accept the vault proposition.

voodoochild3461503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

EA seem like they're run by middle school kids. If you do anything besides kiss their posteriors they seem react in a very childish manner not even considering the business side.

See the WiiU/Origin debacle and how quickly that relationship turned from an "unprecedented partnership"(EA's words from E3 2012) to horrible gimped ports and not even Madden and Fifa on WiiU. But they have no problem putting Fifa on the Wii though...

Baka-akaB1504d ago

Well it's been out a few hours on eu servers

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