#GamerGate: NeoGAF Owner Outs Himself With Misogynistic Behavior

One Angry Gamer "Battling against sexists; fighting for equality; stomping out misogyny; quieting harassment; confronting abuse. Those idiosyncratic principles are usually what makes up for what we consider to be those who fight against social injustice(s). Usually, we revere those who take a stand against the aforementioned cruelties of today’s society. However, it’s hard to dump praise on someone who purposefully goes out of their way to use “social justice” as a blanket to hide their own spiteful agendas."

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Serrafina1590d ago

With more posts like these articles, sounds like people are creating a blacklist. Reminds me about the red scare movement. For those who get involved and for those who stay silent, some folks will eventually get accused during the period when fear and anger will spread across the community. While others see justice, others only see hate. When folks see corruption, the stain will remain like a mark on the couch that sits there for generations. Eventually, nobody will remember the details about who spilled the drink, but they're always reminded that it exists .

WilliamUsher1590d ago

Ha, you're a little late to the party.

There ALREADY IS a blacklist. It was started by Polygon's EIC Chris Grant (I've seen two different iterations of the list but I only have a link to the first iteration).

There are developers, journalists, users and other people on it. It also explains why the major gaming media won't cover The Fine Young Capitalists. They're plastered right smack down on it.

Jason Schreier conducted a 30 minute interview with the director at TFYC but still refused to do even a small post about their situation.

There could be some actual legal ramifications coming out of what happened to TFYC, but major media are blackballing them.

This is a disgrace to the profession and a darn shame.

Serrafina1589d ago

I only hope my name isn't on that black list one day as it'll grow and grow over time. I read the reports about some these individuals. Yes, there's creditable sources that are evidences toward the misconduct they've committed in the gaming industry, but I'm worried about the folks (who love video games and didn't do anything wrong) who will end up on this list because they say something that doesn't appeal to the crowd or whoever holding that list doesn't like them, so they throw them into the fire. That's what makes me worry about blacklists.

3-4-51588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )


* They can't control 1 Billion Gamers, but they can control 2 things.

Therefore, somebody is trying to divide the gaming industry similar to politics.

It's easier to control 2 people, than 1 Billion.

If they get everybody thinking A or B, 1 or 2, me or you, us vs them, then THEY ARE CONTROLLING YOU.

* People are being baited by this really hard.

& by "they", I think I mean Journalism in general, or whoever has power or control within that industry.

DVS-Zev1589d ago

So getting into immature argument with a few girls on the internet is Misogynistic behavior? Why can't it just be immature behavior? I guess every guy is a mysogynist at some point by that logic.

How many of these stupid gamergate submissions are you going to flood in?

WilliamUsher1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

lol, so when a few trolls do it to Anita and Zoe it's misogyny but when this guy does it it's just an "immature argument"?

Cool story, bro.


Malka doesn't want anyone posting on NeoGAF that supports #GG because he (and the other admins)feel it's an agenda fueled by misogyny.

The man pushing for a social justice movement is, in fact, partaking in the exact kind of behavior he's banning users for.

NeoGAF is a large representation of the gaming media at large. Does it not concern you that they're pushing a social agenda that the owner doesn't even adhere to himself?

Does it not concern you that he's banning and blocking users because they don't see things his way? They're literally shaping a public narrative using political agendas.

Also, I'll stop submitting these stupid articles once major media outlets start reporting on them. I'm only doing this because none of the bigger sites are calling out the frauds or reporting on the facts.

This article proves that the radical SJWs don't even practice what they preach and are just as bad as the "misogynistic rape-apologists" they berate.

Also, Malka's statement is sickening for him to be an SJW...

"Sexual objectification is great. Harassment is not."

Really? Really?

donthate1588d ago

I think the greatest crime in all of this is that NeoGaf whom is held in so high esteem is just a fraternity with nepotistic tendencies that will silence anyone that doesn't share their opinion!

How can a site that just willy nilly ban you for having an opinion or discussion be considered a premier site?

There should be accountability i.e. if you ban someone, you should say why and have it openly available to anyone.

LightofDarkness1588d ago

To be fair, his posts were made last year. He may have changed his opinions since then, many people have of late.

LightDiego1589d ago

Reporting about corruption and a huge movement that is happening right now in the game community it's stupid for you? Looks like you are fine with the poor gaming journalism and the false moralists trying to ruin games and attacking developers.
Think before you post.

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Baccra171588d ago

Neogaf is a cesspit full of children with too much power who wield it like tyrants because they are powerless and insignificant out int he real world.

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