Super Smash Bros: Final Five Predictions

Sam Foxall from VGU writes: 'We’ve had leaks, we’ve had confirmations, we’ve had angry fans and we’ve had lots of excitement. Now, the Japanese release of Super Smash Bros for 3DS is less than a week away and the big thing that Smash fans are talking about is the rumour that 5 fighters have yet to be revealed.'

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Zodiac1502d ago

I'm hoping Bowser Jr is in. I mean, he was in that leak with shulk.

Summons751502d ago

I hope so too but that Shulk leak was horribly fake. The "leaker" did Shulk as the main focus because everyone and their mother knew Shulk was going to be in it since the announcement with Nintendo all but actually saying it out loud.

wonderfulmonkeyman1502d ago

I want to see Issac get in, personally, because seeing Judgement in HD as his final smash sounds amazing...

98xpresent1502d ago

Game of the year Is my Final prediction

vickers5001502d ago

Mewtwo better be one of the remaining five, if not, I'm waiting for a price drop/sale.

Loadedklip1502d ago

I really want Mewtwo back. His playstyle is awesome ... but hopefully with the buff to his hit/hurt boxes from Project M as he wasn't that strong overall in Melee.

shaw981502d ago

Really? One character makes you not want to buy a game? That is dumb.

vickers5001502d ago

Didn't say I didn't want to buy the game, but Mewtwo is the tipping point for me to buy it at full price rather than just wait for a price drop or a 20+ off sale.

EcoSos31502d ago

You'll be waiting for years before a price drop, so good luck with that.

thegent1502d ago

I just went into target and brawl was still $50.

vickers5001502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Price drop OR a sale. It will probably hit $40 at least once or twice in the first 6 months from some retailer for a limited period of time.

I'm fine with waiting, as it's been a while since I played and loved Smash. Once I unlocked all the characters on Brawl through the subspace emissary mode, I was pretty much done with it, so I don't think my love for the series has stood the test of time. I'd be willing to risk the $65 though if my favorite character from Melee, Mewtwo, were to return. If not, then as I said before, I can wait.

eworthington01502d ago

Nintendo 1st party prices pretty much stay around 55.00 for a very long time.
There could be deals but...probably not many.

Id just get it man.
Give in dude, haha!

stragomccloud1502d ago

It's a Nintendo first party game. You're going to end up waiting for a very long time. First party games rarely, if ever go on sale.

vickers5001502d ago

Target had super Mario 3d world for like 40 bucks within 6 months of release. I've also seen Mario kart for 45-50 bucks a few times since release. Of course I won't have to wait if Nintendo simply listens to me and the thousands of other smash fans and just adds in mewtwo. If they can add characters nobody wanted or asked for like the wii fit trainer, villager, rosalina, mii, then they can add in a character that people have been asking for a return since brawl announced he wouldn't be in it.

stragomccloud1502d ago

I didn't say never. I said, rarely. Actually, I bought 3D World when it was on sale at target. I was very surprised by the deal!

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kirbyu1502d ago

When did we determine that there was only 5 characters left?

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