The Daily Five: Best Fictional Games in The Simpsons

"Recently, FXX ran a 12-day marathon featuring every episode of The Simpsons in a bid to get people to realize that FXX is a channel that they could watch as part of their cable or satellite subscription. It worked swimmingly, but my basic-ass Dish package doesn’t even get ESPN, leaving me to rely on my old Simpsons DVDs when I wanted to watch along with the rest of the nation." - Joe Garcia, Stealthy Box

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NukaCola1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Not from the show, but a mini game in the epic openworld click adventure Virtual Springfield. It was one of the best Simpsons games ever made.

This Kwik-e-mart clone was call Apoom

Bathyj1597d ago


Pozzle1597d ago

"This game is great! And all I've done is enter my name....THRILLHOUSE!"

just-joe1596d ago

Young man, in this house, we use a little word called "please".

Bathyj1596d ago

You dont wanna try that in my store. Capesh?

Jyndal1597d ago

What, no Touch of Death? What about Escape From Grandma's House?

This is no true Simpson's fan...

Bathyj1596d ago

I know right. And what about Video Boxing. That might have been the first game ever on The Simpsons.

RosweeSon1597d ago

They need the NES simpsons games on the virtual console ASAP, can't be arsed to fish my NES out for Bart vs the Space mutants and there are another 2 as well I bought many years later and never got round to playing (Bart vs the world? And something else don't think it's kirby a fun house either that was SNES, Bart and Radioactive man?, I dunno was nearly 20 years ago) come on nintendo get on it I know licensing and all that but surely the people involved would be happy with a few quid coming in for just allowing access to the old classics. Don't mention goldeneye tho ;( the amount of times we've been promised the earth and been given crumbs of a Milky Way (chocolate bar in the U.K.) ;( haha. Just re release it as it was maybe add the extra level or 2 that was available through the action replay (cradle anyone?) maybe even stretch it out to 8 players might get hectic but seriously don't fix what ain't broke just get it back out their as it was it was good enough for years back then sure it'll suffice for a good blast even know specially with online these days. Bloody technicalities and contracts.