This is the game Apple used to show off iPhone 6

Michael McWhertor writes:

To show off the graphical capabilities of the new iPhone 6 and Metal, iOS 8's new graphics API designed to improve performance, the company showed off the upcoming MOBA Vainglory at Apple's event today. What's Vainglory?

Vainglory is a forthcoming multiplayer online battle arena game, a la League of Legends and Dota 2, developed by Super Evil Megacorp for iOS. It's the studio's first game, but the people making the MOBA designed specifically for touchscreens are industry vets. Led by chief operating officer Kristian Segerstrale, former head of digital at Electronic Arts and founder of Playfish, and CEO Bo Daly, formerly of Rockstar and Gazillion, Super Evil Megacorp is made up of developers from Riot Games, Blizzard, Insomniac Games and more.

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Tzuno1500d ago

The day when we will have a powerful PC at a cellphone size draws near.

DougLord1500d ago

That will never happen with local hardware. You will always be able to build a bigger, faster machine. Only cloud or streaming software can make this happen, because then you actually have a big bad as machine running things.

Magicite1500d ago

powerful PC = 700w and more. Mobile = 10w? Incomparable.

sourav931500d ago

"Vainglory can now deliver a level of graphics performance and resolution beyond that of a Blu Ray player on a new HD TV," the developer boasted in a blog update today. "That's higher quality than most current game consoles can deliver-in your bare hands!"

Lol wut?

BattleAxe1500d ago

iOS is really starting to become relevant. Android doesn't seem to attract as many AAA developers as iOS for some reason.