Sony's Ingenious Destiny Deal With Activision = PS4 Victory

From early access to the alpha and beta tests to PlayStation-exclusive content, this was the deal that helped solidify PS4's future.

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sobotz1498d ago

Why dont we just enjoy the game than deciding who's winner over who

nX1498d ago

Is it impossible to do both? It's a simple opinion piece, do you want someone to prohibit you from stating your opinion?

randomass1711498d ago

To be fair he's just stating his opinion too. :P

xHeavYx1498d ago

People who don't care about which game looks best, or which version sells more, or who gets what exclusive content should just not comment in those articles.

XBLSkull1498d ago

When I picked up my copy today at best buy someone was walking out with the Xbox One. Inside, they basically had built a castle with probably 100 of those white PS4 bundles. No one was even looking at them.

darthv721498d ago

the real winner here is Activision. They make their $$$ no matter how many copies are sold on either platform.

they got a nice cut from the exclusive content deal and will continue to rake in the cash from the total number of copies sold in digital and physical form.

Bungie on the other hand...they are the developer and as developers go they only get a small portion in comparison to the publisher as the publisher makes the deals for marketing and distribution.

Bungie may have not liked being under the wing of MS but they are going to wish they had been their own publisher instead of siding with the likes of Activision.

BlackTar1871498d ago

lol XBL Skull

You can't think anyone is going to take you seriously right?

GiggMan1498d ago

@Xbl Ha. I needed that laugh.

OT: I'm enjoying this game a lot right now on PS4. If it was being backed out marketed by MS I'd still be enjoying the hell out of it.

It really doesn't matter.

miyamoto1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Salty darthV72's damage control

No matter how you spin it Sony and its Blu-ray media format wins and makes tons of money than M$ on this one.

And Xbone will still be last.
Hence, #dealwithit

PS4 The White Knight of Gaming has all the right moves!

madpuppy1498d ago

"When I picked up my copy today at best buy someone was walking out with the Xbox One."

XBLSkull, That was the Microsoft sales rep removing the last unsold Xbone to make room for more PS4's.

avengers19781498d ago

@XBLSkull just stop, The white destiny bundle has already secured a September victory for playstation, and everyone, everyone, even MS executives know that. So please spread your lies some place else.

greenlantern28141496d ago

I was at Gamestop and seen 5 people walk out with the White PS4 bundle and no XB1 sold. Plenty of people buying it for both systems though. To be fair I did see one guy at Gamestop buying XB1 on Saturday when I paid my copy of Destiny off. And he didn't even know about the free game deal that was about to start till I told him

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TheWatercooler1498d ago

There is no coming back for the Xbone. PS4 is dominating and will continue to dominate for the rest of the generation.

KakashiHotake1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I feel you on trying to be the peacemaker but it's no use, gamers hearts are hardened. Ps4 fans won't be satisfied until Xbox One is drowning in it's own blood, and vice versa Xbox fans haven't given up and won't be satisfied until the tables are turned. So there is no room for middle ground here, but I do respect your opinion.

stuna11498d ago

I'd have to agree with you. At this moment I'd say with the release of this game, there are a lot of gamers, commentors, and even reviewers/media with hidden agendas concerning this games release! Being it is the biggest release on consoles this year. A lot of forces are at work behind the scenes.

Dontworrybhappy1498d ago

@ Kakashi. They are not true fans of either if they want one or the other to fail. If they both were not in the market chances are GWG and PS Plus would not exsist. Killzone probably wouldn't exist cause Sony would not have tried to compete with Halo. If fanboys of any platform had any say in the gaming industry, we'd all be royally fucked.

Fizzler1498d ago

You got 20 disagrees for saying that and only 4 agrees? That alone just goes to show that this site is dominated by rabid fanboys.
The hate people have for the opposing console of their choice is downright pathetic, all it shows is that they're spoilt and hate what they can't have, there is no other explanation for such a blind and unjustified hatred.
Also the agree/disagree system on this site is completely broken, you should have to give a reason for agreeing or disagreeing with someone and if the reason is fanboyish or trolling then it should be reported, I've only been here a few days now and I've never seen so many idiots on a single site...

G20WLY1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Okay. Now you've vented that off topic rant, can I ask: what did you think of the article/the Destiny deal/sales so far? :)

ITPython1498d ago

PS4's future was already solidified from day 1. Destiny's overwhelming success on the PS4 is just a bonus helping of butt whoopin' to the competition, as evidenced by all the xbox trolls flooding each Destiny article downplaying the game and spreading their FUD.

Guess that is the result of no games for them to play, they have nothing better to do. Oh well, the rest of us, who actually bought the game, will be having a blast playing Destiny.

Dontworrybhappy1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

49 disagrees? They dont wanna play games man. This gen is all about braggin rights! Haven't you heard?
At Copenhagen below, you know Bungie went with the plat that offered the most money right? I have actually seen people that believe they did it because they love Playstation. When i read that i was like lol wut O_o

greenlantern28141496d ago

To be fair it wasn't Bungie but Activision that went where the money was, as publisher they made the decision. Bungie' s decision was to go multiplatform that is all.

larrysdirtydrawss1497d ago

you cant multi-task? if you focus on this,that means you cant actually enjoy the game itself? why not? have fun with it and stop telling ppl what to do,thats kind of a jerk-off move on your part

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Copenhagen1498d ago

The results will speak for themselves when the numbers come in but yes Sony definitely nailed it . And Bungie having the courage to go against the grain and side with Sony which was/is obviously huge as well congrats all around

nX1498d ago

Yes Bungie is a very sympathethic and down-to-earth studio, I'm glad this game turned out good and they're successful with it.

Death1498d ago

Bungie is far from "down to earth". Having the "courage" to treat their existing fansbase the way they are is often called a different name. I understand the need to expand their customerbase, but the way they choose is far from the best way to do it.

MRMagoo1231498d ago


Yet insomniac did far worse and you don't seem to care , funny that huh?

iamnsuperman1498d ago

I wouldn't say they have gone against the grain. Siding with the most popular device is a normal move to make. We saw it with the 360 last generation (the US market share for the 360 was huge).

BlackTar1871498d ago

Yea but Xbox wasn't the most popular device last year worldwide.

This deal was made before the release of the consoles i thought or no?

ScorpiusX1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Please they sided and started sucking up before the console was even released . Stop using the numbers like the deal was being made as the console sold . Either way hope Activision gets their 500 million and gives them shit throughout the 10 year deal if they are lucky enough to be successful for it duration.

BarneyS1498d ago

I don't think Bungie had anything to do with it. It's a deal between Sony and Activision. The publisher makes those decisions, not the developer.

rextraordinaire1498d ago

Victory over what?

I'm a fan of Sony products, but all that "this or that console is winning" stuff is ridiculous.

G20WLY1498d ago

"Victory over what?"

Their main's a big deal, whether or not it makes a difference to you, me or any other gamer.

Alsybub1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

It would be a bigger deal if MS were to back out of the competition. We, as gamers, could kiss goodbye to choice and competitive innovation and pricing of any kind.

Everybody seems to want a monopoly without considering the ramifications of such a thing.

If someone considers themselves a real gamer they should support each of the main platforms. Hoping that the competition fails is effectively wanting to have less choice as a gamer. I don't want less choice. I want as many game experiences from as many creative studios as possible. I want hardware manufacturers to compete against one another, so as to ensure that I get a fair price that allows me to own more hardware and more games.

That was the whole issue with the PS3 when it came out. At the time Sony believed it was a one horse race and they made a piece of hardware that most people simply couldn't afford. They even had the audacity to tell gamers to get a second job, just to pay for it. They soon learned their lesson and spent the following years eating humble pie and re-branding, until they arrived where they are today. If it weren't for MS we would have a very different PS4 with the same kind of architecture as the PS3 and we would be paying through the nose for it.

Don't get me wrong, I bought a PS3 the day it came out in Japan and I loved the system but Sony definitely lost their way when they developed it.

SmokingMonkey1498d ago

Bungie on PS is about as weird to me as seeing Insomniac on XB.

The times they are a'changing.

SmielmaN1497d ago

I would rather have bungie on PS4 than the crap insomniac started pushing with Resistence2-3. Just crap. Always will have a soft spot for rachet/clank, but I've been pumped to have evolved Halo on my Sony system since Bungie announced they were making this game.

Agent_hitman1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Both Sony and Ms have exclusive deal with Acti.

MS Has exclusivity deal with Acti regarding COD while Sony has Destiny

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