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Cinelinx - "I think by now many people know what Minecraft is, so I won’t dive into a full on review of Minecraft itself. I will say that the PS4 and Xbox One editions do some much needed catching up. The mining system is much more developed, the maps are more developed, and there is simply more things to do. You realize this when you first boot up the game. The very first thing I did was simply walk in one direction…. for several minutes(around 10 minutes from start to edge)! The worlds are not endless by any means, but unless you are dedicated to reaching the end of the map you may never even come across it. "

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ScorpiusX1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Wow no mention of the attempted buyout from MS for Mojan. Crazy

hello121589d ago

Its still early and still only a rumuor but its coming from the wall street journal so it could be true. Big news if true.

ScorpiusX1589d ago

You would think N4G would have a small article or something. MS will continue to make cash from the screens minecraft is on but am more interested in the games it has in development.