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The most disappointing thing about NHL 15 is that while the game plays great, at least in terms of gameplay, it’s impossible to ignore that features which been part of the franchise for years have been cut from the experience.

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pat_11_51553d ago

Do your self a favour and just play NHL 14 for another year. This isn't worth your time.

Magicite1553d ago

just another sports game, move along.

tastas211553d ago

NHL 15 is great. All those features were stupid anyways.

BrianSharon1553d ago

I agree. Drafting is stupid.

koh1552d ago

Playing multiplayer online is stupid? Because that's 90% of the reason I buy NHL games

Soldierone1553d ago

Guess I'll just wait for NHL 14.

They say lack of features was to put more emphasis on presentation, yet the crowd doesn't react to the puck correctly, the announcers repeat lines within one game, and beyond the players there is nothing really great for presentation.

BrianSharon1553d ago

You affirmed all my fears. Thanks.

WishMeWell2591553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Patches bud patches.
you say online teamplay isnt coming to ps4 and xbox1 when it has been confirmed it will. along with other things. Get your facts straight

Yes it should all be released with it. But EA has a timeline for all sport games. They do not delay.

pat_11_51553d ago

I don't say that at all. Maybe you should have read the review more carefully. I also link to all of the stuff EA plans to add to the game post-release.

How do you explain the NBA Live franchise then?

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