Wii Fit: Is It Safe for Your Plasma TV?

Can Wii Fit help you get the body of your dreams?
More importantly is it safe for your Plasma TV?

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JoelR3776d ago

safe for your plasma (as long as you follow the directions) ... but not your windows, chairs, body when you fall off... (see previous article on 20million pounds of damages so far caused by people improperly using the wii-fit and getting damage or doing damage from falling off it.

deeznuts3776d ago

Unless you have a really old plasma. Burn-in is not a problem. It would take weeks or months of a particlar pattern to burn in. I just went to San Francisco not too long ago, and they had a plasma in my room. I left a static image on the TV for like 8 hours before setting out on the town just to see how long the image would be retained (I know it would not burn in permanently). This TV had some hours on it because when I got back and changed the channel no image was retained whatsoever.

I was looking at the same brand Plasma already, so this just confirmed it.

Vary your viewing and do not worry about burn-in! My nephews play Lego SW and IJ all day, and they have those static hearts and points etc. No problem

Alvadr3776d ago

I agree, New plasmas > LCD

Pezman3776d ago

Simply because you have had a great experience with the one plasma screen in no puts you in a position to say they are all safe. The fact is that plasma screens wear out slowly and if certain pixels are left holding the same image for too long ghosting is a real possibility and burn-in is even possible. Even on today's 10th or 11th generation Plasma TV's the risk of burn-in exists. If it didn't why would sets come with anti burn-in functions and why would the Wii and other systems have anti burn-in features.

DetroitSportsFan3776d ago

Of course there is a possibility with burn-in on a plasma, but only if you abuse it. If you buy a quality Pioneer or Panasonic plasma, you don't have to worry about burn-in with normal use.

I own 2 Panasonic plasmas and have no problems with burn-in.

JoelR3774d ago

and yet on the very first page of every Panasonic Plasma TV manual it warns about the potential of Screen Burn (and also states that it is not a warranty issue)