PS Vita EA SPORTS FIFA 15 bundle arrives in stores this month

It has been announced today on the European PlayStation Blog that a brand new PS Vita bundle featuring EA Sports FIFA 15 will be launched on September 26th.

The bundle, featuring a PS Vita 2000, a 4GB memory card and a digital code for FIFA 15, will be available in the following regions; Austria, Benelux, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Iceland, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Malta, South Africa, Turkey and Italy.

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vongruetz1552d ago

If only it came with a larger memory card. Will the game even fit on a 4gb? Well, yes, it will but not much else can. Maybe a few smaller indies? A PS Mobile game or two.

It's just strange because in every other bundle they have, the 8gb card is standard. Maybe the price of getting FIFA Legacy was just too great.

NewMonday1552d ago

Europe is getting a 16gb memory card bundled with 5 games, great value!

Paul_Murphy1551d ago

They really need to bundle the 8GB with everything as a minimum and discontinue the 4GB as it is essentially useless except for minimalistic use.

jjonez181552d ago

My exact thought.
If they actually put some more effort other then pressing CTRL + C, then this would a worthwhile bundle.

Paul_Murphy1551d ago

A better Vita FIFA which could cross save career mode with the PS4 version would sell a few units.

Transporter471552d ago

They better make it like Fifa 15 and not be fifa 14 paste

gootimes1552d ago

I hope the Fifa 15 turns out good on vita...

Paul_Murphy1551d ago

It's already confirmed that FIFA 15 on the Vita is another Legacy Edition. :(