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GR: I thought I was so close to scoring the perfect one-timer from the point, especially as the LA Kings managed to dart into the zone and seemingly set up for rebounds galore. But I think the overhead camera angle gave me a little too much confidence and winding up left Kopitar to slide right by the puck. As much as I love to watch the game of hockey, controls in virtual representations like NHL 15 will never amount to the finesse of an accomplished skater ready to board an opponent at the drop.

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SuperBlur1597d ago

4/5 ? LOL

did they even play it or just read the info on the back cover?

this game is a 4 out 10 easily.

and the old gen version is the same copy pasta from nhl 14 but roster update and puck not bouncing like a tennis ball

knifefight1597d ago

It's a sad excuse for a release. EA should be embarrassed that they took a year off to put extra work into this and yet THIS is all the better they could do.

This game deserves to be skipped.

SuperBlur1597d ago

The "extra" year was a blatant lie, you can find it on the internet too.
I am not gonna bash the dev team tho cause they did a great job with the time limit constraint .
In theory ,with just under a year of work , they managed to port most of the core assets of the game to the new engine , added new stuff here and there but omitted so many core features. It's embarassing for the whole EA organization more then anything , they release public statement like "we dont want to win worst company again" but turn around and do that.

SnakePlissken1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

From a casual hockey game fan and someone who loved and played the hell outta NHL 94! I gotta say I really enjoyed the demo.

So they took a few modes out that I would never use anyways, except for season mode. I'm sure with all the complaints they will add it in with a free update.

They did add World Cup to Fifa 14 with a free update. NHL 15 on PS4 looked like I was watching a real frikin game. Gameplay is great and dig how they throw in NHL 94 controls too!

Will be definately picking this up after a price drop! I do understand why people are pretty upset here, I get it. But comon, it moves, feels and plays like the real thing and looks incredible! We were lucky if we got more than 2 buttons to press back in the day.

I think we've all become a little spoilt these days.

Soldierone1596d ago

Ugh, I'll just get it on Black Friday then when all EA titles are like 30 dollars lol

If by some miracle the Ps4 version is not on sale I'll just wait till next year.