Microsoft Removes Japanese Batman: Arkham Knight’s Page While The Crew JP Beta Is Also PS4 Exclusive

While Microsoft is forced to remove the Japanese Xbox One page for Batman: Arkham Knight, all but confirming that the PS4 exclusive is a rather permanent affair, Ubisoft announces that the local beta for The Crew will be PS4 exclusive as well.

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-Foxtrot1553d ago

So much for focusing on the Japanese market Microsoft

Xsilver1553d ago

Im guessing sales for xone in japan were lower than expected awhile saw that coming.

Mr Pumblechook1552d ago

It might not be that Sony paid for exclusives. With the XBO marketshare so low in Japan some publishers might not think it worth the expense of releasing their game.

darthv721552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

i dont think sales has anything to do with it. the game is still being made for the xb1 outside JP.

Its not the first time this has happened. there are plenty of multiplatform games that received releases outside of a specific territory but within that territory only released on one.

in the US, several games listed as "Only on Xbox" had EU and JP releases on the PS2. It's just business.

NewMonday1552d ago

I smell a bat fragrance coming up.

MightyNoX1552d ago

@Newmonday: Lol, you jest but the Destiny fragrance was brought on by desperation, trying to atleast stay relevant in the US where the majority believe Destiny is a PS4 exclusives.

In this case, I doubt Sony needed to moneyhat Arkham Knight, Destiny or The Crew away from MS. I'd argue publishers would LOSE money for printing discs to sell on Xbox there.

badz1491552d ago


Sales has everything to do with this believe it or not. Porting to a platform cost money and bringing it to Japan means extra cost to translate it and all. So, if the potential is low to begin with, there's little incentive to invest. Business but not money hatting from Sony.

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Mega241552d ago

Sony is trying to break Microsoft at Japan, nabbing exclusivities and content. Microsoft needs to step it up!

TheWatercooler1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Sales must have been absolutely abysmal for third parties to pull out their games.

The same will be happening for the rest of the world if Xbone keeps on selling so badly

donthate1552d ago

Unlikely, because the cost of doing all the translations and audio is already done for one platform. The game is released in the West for all platforms, so releasing it in Japan is almost at no cost.

This is likely a deal with Sony to stop MS there.

MS must make some serious inroads with upcoming deals there for Sony to step up their game.

IVanSpinal1552d ago Show
Gamer19821552d ago

Look at Wiiu and third partys. Xbox sold less than wiiu in Japan. Thats ways it all.

Charybdis1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Sony clearly is flexing their mustles in Japan not giving xbox one any room to gain any market share.

GodGinrai1552d ago

I would say it has more to do with the bad reputation the xbox brand has always had in japan, than anything sony is doing.

A lot of japanese people dont even know what an xbox is.

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XiMasterChief1553d ago

Seriously why are betas exclusive?

WeAreLegion1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I don't know. You'd think they would want to stress test on all networks. They aren't doing PC or XBO for The Crew. That doesn't make much sense.

Seafort1552d ago

PC closed beta of The Crew has already happened.

I've been in 2 of the betas so far.

WeAreLegion1552d ago

In Japan? I was in the closed beta for The Crew in the US.

2pacalypsenow1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Cus betas are just demos

Baka-akaB1553d ago

I was expecting no XB1 japanese support for some jrpg , fighting games , and japan centric titles released on ps4 ... but i wasnt expecting so many "non niche" ips to avoid a japanese release too on XB1 .

qwerty6761553d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

not surprising. MS needs a complete overhaul for their japan strategy.

come out with a dance central Japanese pop game. re image the xb1 to make it sleek and glossy and stylish

japs love that stuff

invest a little more and land some high quality jrpg games with the incentive to the devs being that MS will bring those games to China to actually make profits.

add an anime app and put some good shows on there.

there MS get to it.

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